Did Tupac's Death Make Him A Legend?

Discussion in 'General' started by PeacefulStoner, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. It's never a positive thing for an artist to die, but I was thinking didn't his death make him a legend?

    If he would were still alive today he would definitely be acknowledged but he wouldn't be considered the legend that he is.

  2. Yes, he wasn't that great.
  3. If Pac was still alive today we wouldn't have fake ass artists like lil wayne, drake, kanye west and the rest of the bullshit voice synthesizer rappers. If Pac was still alive hip hop would be worth listening too.
  4. It's impossible to know what would have happened.

    I consider Nas to be just as good as Tupac and the quality of his rap has declined immensely.

    I'm sure the rap game would be completely different, but who really knows how things would have played out.

    I really wish Big L was still alive.
  5. what death? he is still alive
    hahah jk. idk man
  6. This lil n1gga named Nas think he live like me, talkn bout he left the hospital, took five like me. You livin fantasy n1gga, we reject yo weak posse, we shook dre's punk ass now we outta da closet.

    Pac, the realist.
  7. Dying at the peak of your fame like that, unexpectedly, being shot when your persona is being a thug... yeah, it made him a legend. I think if he continued to live, he might be remembered as one of the best 90s west coast rappers associated with Death Row and all that (I think he's leagues ahead of dre or snoop, personally), but I don't think he'd be remembered as "the greatest to ever live" like so many people think he was. He didn't live long enough to lose his creativity or start releasing CDs that were worse than the ones people were used to.

    That's just how I feel though...

    I think hip hop lost out on a lot more when Big L died, I wish I could hear all the stuff he had in his head and all the stuff he would come to make.

  8. Posse doesn't rhyme with closet.
  9. [​IMG]

  10. Lil wayne, drake and kayne aren't the only ones in the hip hop community.

    What about eminem, tech n9ne, twisted, and other ones who dont suck?

  11. Eminem has lost his edge. Never heard of tech n9ne or twisted.

  12. Maybe you should go listen to the song.
  13. Tupac is a legend cause his music is real and it makes sense. His death has nothing to do with it, if his music sucked it would still suck even with him dead
  14. Did P diddy kill Biggie because he saw how many sales Tupac got from death? :confused:

    World may never know.. :(
  15. in the song sounds like it rhymes
  16. killuminati
  17. rap aint gotta rhyme you should kno that. :)
  18. the better question is did BIGGIES death make him a legend... 2 great albums thats all he did i cant think of a touching biggie quote... hes still top 10 all time tho just low like 8 or 9
  19. I don't think so. He was already the biggest rapper and probably the biggest musician at the time of his death. He stirred up a lot of shit and I'm sure he only would have stirred up more as time went along, what do you think he would have done around 9/11? Probably come up with an album dedicated to how the US government set it up.

    Also you think Kanye's "Bush hates black people" thing got popular? Tupac would have called Bush out a million times on TV, radio, anything.

    I think he goes down as a legend regardless.
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  20. Of course. Especially the fact that it was in his prime.

    Just imaging if Justin Beiber was killed.

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