Did Torture really find Usama?

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  1. I keep hearing so many different reports, it did, it didn't. Blah blah blah blah blah. I'd like some Clarification.

    Also, on Faux, since to them it did find Usama, its open season to use it now on everyone of suspicion, which was capitalized in the first Republican Debate, when nearly everybody was in favor of it. Should it be open season?

    I don't think so, but I'm just a Dog that knows Gung Fu.;)
  2. How do you not know? Its being blasted that because of waterboarding we found the courier or something that led us to Usama. But I have no idea if that's even true, so I was looking for clarification
  3. Well if it is true Obama would look like a dumbass yet again. Then again your source was Fox, that may tell you everything you need to know.
  4. Its not even up for debate, its fact...

    Everybody knows what "enhanced interrogation techniques" means.
  5. Yo, i got a question, off topic...

    When did they change the O to a U and does it have anything to do with Osama being strikingly similar to Obama?
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    No, it didn't.


  7. Right, i kind of figured that, but what I was saying was MSM only seemed to have started using the U recently, and I figured it had something to do with... obama?

    idk, usama is the new hip lingo now i suppose
  8. Idk, most of the MSM still uses Osama. For the most part, it's just Fox that uses Usama, and they're also the usually last station to appeal to anything beneficiary to Osama. I think "Usama" is just a more "American" way of saying "Osama".
  9. I don't give a flying F who claims torture is ok.
    Torture is wrong, period.

    If you doubt it, lets torture you, your family, and see what evil things you know. I can guarantee we could find something given time...:eek:

    We only need to link your info to something evil to make it 'ok' after all...:rolleyes:
  10. I disagree.

    Killing thousands of people is wrong. That person deserves it, especially if they are STILL resisting. Give information, don't get tortured. Seems just fine to me.

    If torturing one person can potentially save thousands, it's a no brainer.

    I guess I'm just a realist, since it happens whether or not you want it to happen.
  11. so you admit you are no better then the enemy, and deserve no less then the enemy...I bet you are in favor of losing our liberties and freedoms so we can be safe from da ebil terrorist...:rolleyes:

    you are not a realist, you are another sheeple led to believe what DC wants you too.

    look at the past, the USA wasn't founded on torturing our enemies, not murder, not to remove liberties and freedoms...but I guess you ignore what isn't approved by DC today. (you believe what DC says, the same people that said saddam had WMD's...jeez):rolleyes:
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFEq_9uJtPw]YouTube - Panetta vs Obama: Enhanced Interrogation; Bin Laden Demise[/ame]

    IF your family was in danger form a terrorist and waterboarding might save them, you would do it. Anyone would. I'm so tired of you left wing hypocrites. You're worse than the religious right.
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    wow, a right wing leftist propaganda sheeple had a thought...naaa, just repeating what his shepherds said...:rolleyes:

    I wonder if you believe in the original constitution, or is it just toilet paper you can read for giggles...
  14. Even if some of the information that was gathered during torture eventually lead to more information which eventually lead to Osama there is absolutely no proof that information couldn't have been gathered another way.

    Perhaps anyone would....if they could actually believe that any information they gathered would be reliable and the threat was imminent. Information gathered under torture however is not reliable and is often just enough to get the torture to stop.

    Honestly, even if you wanted to give accurate information when you have been deprived of sleep, humiliated, and then deprived of air in simulated drowning it is doubtful that you could trust yourself that the information is accurate.

    I am against the death penalty but would be hard pressed not to kill someone that had hurt someone that I love if given a chance. That does not make me hypocritical, it makes me human. Laws should not be made based on the emotions of the moment or the desire for revenge.

    What may feel satisfying to the individual could be detrimental to the country as a whole. What can be excused as the act of an emotionally overwrought individual is far more ominous as the sanctioned action of a government.
  15. I fully believe in treat others how you want to be treated. I also like to think we are better then the Nazis which I am starting to question.

    I like to think of myself as a right wing hypocrite that is worse than the religious left.

    And in the words of Fat Mike "There's No Fun In Fundamentalism"

  16. Clearly this isn't true, because it lead to capturing Osama and lead to other leader's capture. You have a very Hollywood idea of how the whole "enhanced interrogation" process works. Its not like they ask them for information and then just take whatever they say at face value. Thats NOT how it works.

  17. Say what? Waterboarding select mass murders for the purpose of saving innocent life is equal to acting like the Nazis who waged world war and genocide?

    You have an illness that I'm not sure can be fixed.
  18. Well personal attacks aside, Waterboarding is still bad, and the Nazi comparison although a bit far out I can get. We've gotten it wrong before, what if we waterboarded a guy who did nothing wrong? What then?

    "Oh well as long as we keep hunting terrorizers its fine. We got Osama, because of it!! Yippie Kiyay Motherfucker!!"

    Sounds way to sketchy for my liking, just the opening the Government needs to get what they want. I thought, since you were a Conservative you'd understand. Apparently I didn't realize that you stuck the Prefix Neo in front of it.;)
  19. BaaaAAAaaaa, baaaAAAAaaa goes the sheeple...:rolleyes:

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