Did something nuts but worth it today

Discussion in 'General' started by fatblunts9-5-4, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. so i went to the nature reserve behind my neighborhood to go on the trail and listen to the forest while i smoked...i got by this are where it was a very easy drop because i wanted to see it on ground level...and then my mind and body just said "climb" and i did and this tree had thick branches so i got up high as hell chilled out and looked at the city for a little then on my way down i noticed the big ass tree was curved and narrow and seemed slippery i was basically just holding my self up with my hands so i climbed down as far as i could and i was still like 30 feet up and really not trusting my footing...my friend says in passing "jump to the other tree" and it was as if i was a robot and instantly jumped across and slid down to catch my self on branch and walk away with nothing but a sore knee and extremely sore hands
  2. Sweet man! I have woods in my backyard, I kinda want to go climb some trees now :cool:

    I was hanging in maine with some of my friends from there, they are some crazy kids. my one friend climbed a tree about the size of my thigh (i'm a skinny guy, this was a skinny tree) and got about 50 feet up while the tree is cracking and branches are breaking and he's just high and cracking up about the whole ordeal.. and then the tree breaks and he's coming really fast towards the ground, he just jumps from a broken branch and grabs himself onto another similarly skinny tree. that one broke too, but it broke perfectly so it just crashed down and gave him a soft landing.

    as a suburb kid, i was amazed
  3. Haha, that's pretty badass man

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