Did shrooms today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by foofeenono, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. It is with out a doubt the best thing i've ever done.

    Me and three friends (Fuckin brothers is a better word, my blood.) today discovered things about ourselves that we were hiding from ourselves. We discovered what shit bags we've become. and that our parents try every day to make us go on the right path, but we fuck it up.

    one of us even discovered the meaning of life. can not put it to words, even if i try.

    not to sound like a bitch but us 3 cried. we are going to work our balls off and only do this shit when all the work is done. we realized how we are fuckin blowin away school like its nothin. But its fuckin everything. our future and everyone elses.

    2 of us were on a baseball team for highschool, we just lost the first round of play offs yesterday. We think about it, wow what the fuck was i doing. We were first place all year. Coach was making us work our balls off cuz he loved us. he saw the best in us and wanted us to work for it. we fucked up and screwed him over. we said fuck this and bitched about all the running we had to do. but fuck.

    me and those 2 are going to get our act together and show our parents some love and respect, and get our work done. get a good job, and get good grades.

    if you havnt done shrooms i recomend them atleast once, it is a life changing thing.

  2. glad shrooms treated you well and put you on a better path than you were before.
  3. HAHA yeah man...shrooms really open up your mind to the world...its seems like a breakthrough sorta. I love talking about philosophy while trippin or rollin, it really gets my spirits up for some reason.
  4. Drop some cid - same effect, 20x. You will explore corners of your mind you never even knew you had.
  5. Hell yeah man, like I said in my shroom thread a while ago.

    Its the best feeling ive ever experienced, and your appreciation of EVERYTHING becomes apparent and you can think in ways you never have, ever since ive done shrooms everytime i walk outside and look into the sky, the world just seems so much more open and free.
  6. Yeah shrooms are really overpowering when you're on them and for like 1 or 2 days of kind of changed awareness...

    I was all like OH SHIT I GOTTA STOP SMOKIN

    Then the next day I was like :bongin:

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