did she hermie?

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  1. Well....... ?

    Little background, this plant went AWall about 4 weeks ago. Top got total lockout, tried everything. Gnarly thick new growth from the bottom started to shoot up fast and budded like it had just started, but it had been flowering there for 4 weeks (just coming up on 8 weeks total 12/12). I had talked to a lot of people and finally i chopped it the top 3/4 which was totally dormate to give the new growth light. So now I notice these messed up leaves..

    Soil - Organic MG (I know not great but all I had at the time)
    PH - Mid 6's
    Temp 69-79 F
    Super Silver Haze

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  2. well i cant answer that for you and im not completely sure of whats wrong with your plant but she had to have went through shockck because shes doing single leafs and three leafs so it has reverted back to the origanal leaf growth its probably because you cut her and all her sun leafs maybe shes making new ones?
  3. It must have been shocked long before. Those leaves have been doing that for the last few weeks and I just cut the stalk earlier this week. It's really odd, the guys at the grow shop and even my mentor who's been at it for 20 plus years couldn't figure it put.

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