Did mushroom die???

Discussion in 'General' started by Pass the dr0, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. Where did mushroom go? I haven't seen him post on here in a long ass time... Same with norcal I miss his "whatever yos"
  2. Where have you been there was a massive banning
  3. Both have gone to the great garden in the sky man.

    It's sad that's why I still keep my mushy Sig to remember him
  4. Much more then just them too

  5. fuckin redonkulous.this place is straight boo boo now.
  6. Woah where the hell have I been? Why did mushroom and norcal get banned?
  7. Wtf?!?! He got banned??? When? I only know nadroj and purple drank got banned
  8. mush was forced to get a life
  9. Errrybodys gettin introuble yo, Just dont go making another account when your banned and you should come back, Unless your a rulebreaking renegade. Then your gone for a reason ;)

    Just think of the infractions the people listed alone musta had. LOL.

  10. i dunno, norcal was probably bitching about how he was a real stoner.
  11. i dont get why all those guys got banned, musta been some serious shit

  12. I know for a fact some of them still have other accounts here
  13. All the banned members are actually locked under my basement.
  14. Maybe he requested to be banned.

    Possibly part of the Grasscity twelve-step program.
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    shit ton of peeps got banned man...

    herb phoenix
    Pink Floyd
    I RoLL Fatties

    and a few others i cant remember

    let us have a moment of silence for our fallen members

  16. He did the first time but this time's for real
  17. What the fuuuuckkk? My heros are all gone :'(

  18. I just realize I haven't seen those guys around for awhile, wonder what they did
  19. conspiracy against the throne
  20. We need a military takeover
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