Did I trip out, or did they trip me out?

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    Okay this should be a tough one. Just had my wisdom teeth removed. I've already had two taken out so this was the second procedure. I got the laughing gas and then was put under with general anesthetic both times.

    Now I had heard from a friend or two before who went to the clinic that sometimes, one of the male nurses will do something "jokes" just to trip you out right before the anesthetic puts you under. Then you wake up still semi-confused/scared only to realize what happens, and everyone enjoys a good laugh.

    Now when I went for my first procedure this nurse didn't do that to me. All was normal. Over a year later (today) I went in for a second procedure; this male nurse has since been moved to a different clinic. So, there goes the guy who trips patients out on purpose, right? So they put me on the gas and plug me into the anesthetic. Now I won't lie, much is a blur from this point on, but I do remember one thing: Both doctors and the new nurse were seemingly talking to each-other using only the same 2 words that sounded very Italian. I was aware enough (in my own mind) to concentrate again and make sure I'm not just off the charts here. Again, two of them communicate using just these two, very non-English words... and I could have SWORN there lip movements supported what I was thinking. My next memory is waking up after surgery, finding myself surrounded by the same people.... while also recognizing two of them are Jews, one is Indian, and none speak any Italian.

    So basically: Has anyone here put under general anesthetic experienced hallucinations to this degree? Or were they just fucking with me? Unfortunately I was still a bit gone after I awoke and didn't think to ask. And how stupid would I look to call in tomorrow asking such a question, Lol.
  2. You were just loaded.
  3. Loaded sounds like an understatement.
  4. welcome to gc

    and fuck this was pointless.:cool:
  5. Yeah I'd have to say you were fucked up
  6. When i came out of my surgery. The nirae handed me my wisdom teeth in a cup. It was bloody and laying right there. I'm like what the fuck? My mom's like the surgery's done, i'm like bullshit they hvent took shit out of me.

    Even though I was looking at my 4 wisdoms then i came into my senses and now realized its really out and im done with the procedure hah

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