Did I top this wrong?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TheBabyJ, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I topped this about four days ago and its stayed this kinda blackish color and hasn't grown from what i can tell. What should I do?

  2. p.s. I tried LST, but after like the fourth time I tied her down she rose right up and pulled the pipe cleaners out from underneath the rim of the netpot xD oh well, Imma just let her grow. After topping it and it not growing, it still looks like a very healthy plant, I'm confused.
  3. Not much you can do, How big was the top you removed? It's not going to die or anything. It just won't grow from that stump. The rest of the plant should bush out more now.
  4. i would say that was a bad attempt at topping but it is working

  5. He got the job done.:D
  6. So how badly will this affect my yield? Will there be no main cola? :[
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    [quote name='"TheBabyJ"']So how badly will this affect my yield? Will there be no main cola? :[[/quote]

    topping causes multiple smaller colas
  8. Haha I understand, i was just hoping that i did it right and didnt hurt the plant.
  9. The plant was hurt, but she forgives you.:D

  10. You basically cut it's head off. Of course it's damaged :p.

    But she'll be fine.
  11. I just pinch the top of my plsnts off so the 3 nodes below it will get all the growth. You did it right in my books
  12. Its not pretty, but from the 2 branches you got comin out its successful.. topping is usually done as the new node appears so your removing less from the plant... tho wuite late it appears, its gonna work...
  13. lol..that pic gave me a good laugh..no disrespect to the op, im just stoned...and it was funny. haha.
  14. None taken. Its my second ever grow, and the first time topping. I was WAY too scared during my first grow, plus I am trying different things, comparing what I do best with, and sticking with it. For example, the first time I just let them grow, didn't alter them at all, except trimming what was dying off from it of course. Then, this time I used Low stress training on one, and supercropped, or bent the main stem over and then let it grow. Both are looking healthy on this day, they are now ONE week into Flowering :} I will try and get some pictures up soon for everyone.

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