Did I Top LST my plant correctly

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  1. So this us my first time doing this && I'm not sure if I Did it right someone please tell me.. also I wanna know how I should go about starting LST for my Big Bang Fem she's 14 days old

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  2. Yes but WAY too early
  3. My big plant is 32 days old && I thought it was best to start Early
  4. Youre overthinking the process....and you (the human) are trying to fix variables too much........leave it alone....plants adapt without human help

    And if you shock the plant when its small it wont boost lactate dehydrogenase properly....its just immature

    In a mature plant the LDH kicks and acts like steroids to the plant.

    Remember a 72 hour rule- if you mess with your plant AT ALL....wait 72 hours b4 messing with it again.
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    That's not really LST. When you LST you bend the plant over, exposing more bud sites and causing the stem to grow in another direction. The sites that are now out in the open will begin to grow upwards like another main cola
  6. Theres no need to top and lst. Lst doesnt cause stress while achieving the same results as topping, by manipulating hormones.

    Carefully squeeze the stem, bend her over, then tie her down.
    ~ poke
  7. So yur saying since I topped it just take the strings off.?

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  8. No, im saying topping isnt necessary.

    Each time you cut the plant you stunt it. It takes 3-4 days after each cut for normal growth to resume.

    Lst accomplishes the same thing (low stress training) as topping, WITHOUT stress or growth delay. In two or so hours the plants bend back up.

    Leave the strings, stop cutting it.
    Heres a helpful diagram.

    ~ poke
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    no kidding, I allow twice in 24 hours ( and I mean 2 changes to the plant), but that is pushing it and I don't like to do it
  10. yeah yeah yeah we got ya, LST is a technique. That's cool. Not sure if it is so good and apparent why you feel the need to attack other techniques. But then again, I saw those pictures of those crazy LST'd plants you grow and there is no denying it. Peace
  11. Here's some positive vibes for you brother.

    I dont attack anyones technique, just offer my opinion like everyone else.

    Thats why grasscity is so nice, because we can all share our opposing views and why,

    and it's all good man.

    Next j's for you! :metal:
    ~ poke
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    Update on My Babies It Is Day 34 on my Bag seed I started LST 3 days Ago & Had Topped Or Rather FIM her 6 days ago she looks to be growing 3 new nodes 2 are growing faster than one of them.. My LST seems to be doing great I think,

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  13. Just an update so I'm ordering my 400w HPS tomorrow so I can officially start flowering my babies are 50 & 34 days old both the same height 11in from dirt to top I Did LST on the 50 day old she's in the red pot & Nun on my big Bang Fem she's 34 days old

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  14. Sweet, is this your grow journal now?
  15. I guess it could be but it doesnt have my plants from the beginning. I just update in any post I see that I made.. Yu think I should copy all the URLs && post them as my grow journal?
  16. XD
    only if you want to have something to look back on one day like, look kids, i made that. :smoke:
    ~ poke
  17. Lol Yup I do but I have all my photos backed up with Google 😂
  18. Nice I can't really see yur stems but they look nice and healthy I had to stop LST on my baby because she was starting to look in pretty bad shape but wen I took off the strings she started recovering immediately
  19. Yea I mainly pulled the limbs out and down. A lot of new growth is exposed and shooting through.

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