Did I pass?

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  1. Yesterday I took a pre employment u/a. I hadnt smoked in exactly 15 days. I had passed using a dilution method previously, and by taking multivitamins. However this time I ended up vomitting dark green bile almost 2 hours before test. About 45 min after vomitting I took an at home drug test that said I passed, however it was about 1 and a half hours before I took the test in the lab, urine was considerably darker. I also was only able to put down a small amount of water after vomit(a large glassof water and some gatorade). I know bile carrys metabolites and also can darken urine. After getting home urine was amber in color. was this bile or the crushed up multivitamin? Hoping not bile, any information on this would be great, anxiety is killimg me.
  2. Damn I sure hope you did. I'm about to be in the same boat as you. But I don't plan on taking all that shit you took tho.
  3. Sorry to say but if your pee was darker than maybe no. But I could be wrong.

    How much weed did you usually smoke?? I passed a test for probation in like 5 days of being clean. I was smoking 1 gram a day for 2 weeks and started taking niacin and flushing my system out with water.
  4. I was a pretty chronic user. Daily for at least a year. I took an at home that had a super faint line today too. Apparently that means I passed according to the at home no matterhow faint the line. Has amyone used the multivitamins to color urine before? Is itt possible thats what made the urine darker?
  5. thats actually probly what made it darker...I heard thats a trick ppl use to make it seem like they aint flushing out there system with water....you should be good as long as your had to pee like alot and it wasnt your first piss of the day.
  6. I had to pee pretty bad! Lol. And it was in the afternoon. I had went every fifteen minutes untol 1 pm, I I left at 1 and took test at 1:47, diddnt in between those times. I wouldnt be so woriried if it wasnt for the bile. I wonder if the crushed multivitamin could make it dark like amber in color. It wasnt that dark aat the screen, but the void once I got home was. Then it got much lighter later in the day. Ill definantly post my results
  7. im pretty sure you should be good, definately got my fingers crossed for you. Im interested to see the results lol
  8. The multi-vitamins usually dont make it all THAT much darker, just more of yellowish but if you were pissing apple juice color or darker its fairly concentrated urine. You might be alright, how much do you weigh and how physically active are you? a skinny guy with a high metabolisim should be safe
  9. Im 5'6 180 lbs very active. Iv been losing alot of weight the last few months. Only time will tell for sure, I was just hoping to find someone r
    That possibly knows more about science and chemistry than I do
  10. I'm about to be in the same boat as you. But I don't plan on taking all that shit you took tho.[​IMG]
  11. If you have to ask i don`t think thats a good sign bro
  12. Congratulations!

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