Did I over due it

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  1. I smoked about a year ago and I felt paralyzed. I was home alone when it happened. I couldn't Reiner anything everything was spinning and It sucked. I took about 11 of the biggest hits while keeping the lighter on it while I inhaled. I wouldn't say I had a panic attack but I felt so bad. I'm wondering if I should do it again, give me advice. If I take two hits am I going to feel like I did a year ago. It looks so fun to the people tha enjoy it. Could have there been any problems with inhaling butane because I kept the lighter on the weed while pulling. If I get enough replies I will comment the experience the second time.

    - has anyone else had these experiences with it that can relate, why couldn't I move my body,

  2. 11 hits? Slow it down a little bit, iron lungs.

    That's like taking 11 shots of Jose Cuervo, blacking out, having a terrible hangover, then wondering if having a beer one year later is going to have the same results
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  3. If you do decide to take a hit again one day start off with a joint hit it twice and see whats up. A pipe is also alot more direct and a big enough pull will definitely give you the black out feeling

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  4. Everybody's body reacts differently to cannabis. If you smoked before your bad trip and were alright I would say it was the bud and how much you smoked. You, yourself have to know your limits and know not to overdue it.
  5. Same answer as in your last thread...

    Take a small hit, and wait 10-15 minutes before taking another. Don't
    take 11 hits in quick succession when you have no tolerance -_-
  6. Hahah great post, if I had to guess it would be the butane messing with you a little bit.. Or your lungs just took in 11 hits of something it's not use to.. Either way there are ways to prevent it and still be able to smoke. My first suggestion would be like what everyone else has said and take only one or two hits and wait about 5-10mins than see what you feel like. If you have the opportunity, you should roll up your bud into a joint. You don't have to smoke it all in one sitting, as I would advise against it, but take a single hit or maybe two than save the rest for later. The reason I would pick a joint over a bowl is only because of your circumstances. Unless you have some sort of allergy to something in the marijuana, the butane would of had to of made you feel a little funky and a joint should help prevent that. Just to be extra safe light the joint than inhale. Don't inhale while the flame is touching the joint. Also I just thought of this, but you could also use hemp wick.. A much safer way to burn your marijuana both for you and the economy. Double win, right?
  7. You got really high and you greened out. That's all. Happens to everyone at some point.
  8. i get the feeling that keeping the lighter lit while you somehow took 11 hits (was someone repacking it after each while you kept lighting? lol not really sure how that works) released a lot of butane.
  9. Yes, you over dued it
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  10. Once it's cherried you don't need to keep the lighter lit on top of the bowl. That wastes weed and maybe contributed to your bad trip.
  11. Take it slow...make it last all night... :passtheshit:

  12. I couldn't Reindeer anything, maaaaaan. :GettingStoned:
  13. idk what % your thc is but if its alot then try getting something with less thc, 11 hits, gaaaaadamn

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