Did i mess the whole thing up?

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  1. Hey guys i was hoping someone could tell me if I need to get a whole new set of clones. I have had about 6 for a little under a week growing under 12 hours of light. I am new to this and my friend told me that i should do 12/12 but i now know to have 18 hours. I am worried that i started the budding process too early by having the light how it is. If i switch it to 18 hours of light will they be ok? They are 4-6 inches
  2. do it as soon as.

    24/7 would be even better

    have the rooted d'you know ?

    put up a pic so we can assess the problem
  3. i would just let them flower you could go back to veg but i think it would be a waste of time and money many people get clones and veg them for a week then flower but i had a friend that went straight to flower from a clone and it came out good

  4. he bought the clones so they were all ready rooted and veged for a little while
  5. I cant find my camera but i could put up a pic later perhaps. All the clones are rooted. They are all so small though I cant imagine them being able to produce much being as small as they are. I dont like see any buds or anything. I dont know what to do! thanks for the help guys any more info would be great.
  6. damn guys i dont know what to do. I dont know what its going to turn out like if i just try and re-veg. its not like they are growing buds yet. But again im a rook and i really dont know what to do. please help!!
  7. they wont start growing buds for about 2 weeks maybe a little longer and they a going to get much bigger they just need time and many people do this its called sae of green and you do get some very nice buds
  8. so youre saying that even though they are tiny now, i can keep them going on the 12/12 and they will continue to grow as they go into flowering stage? So its cool for me to flower them as soon as ther'es roots? Thanks so much for your help by the way smoker of pot.
  9. no problem and did you buy the clones and if you did was there roots at the bottom when you got them
  10. I got the clones from a few different places. most of them had a good amount of roots sticking out. Im wondering if i should get a whole new set of clones or if flowering them now will result in a high enough yield in quality and quantity. But ya i guess i pretty much started flowering them as soon as i got them :/
  11. when you flower a 2 week old plant, it takes time for it to become mature enough to flower. thats why when you trigger 12/12 on a 2 week plant, it takes around 2 - 3 weeks before you see flowers appearing.

    theyll continue to grow under 12/12 and flower, which is good. thats why you have to anticipate the growth into the 12/12 and have enough space. many growers here veg there plant, trigger flowering by going 12/12 then go back to 18/6 when they show sex to help eliminate males.
  12. no don't get new clones if they had roots they can be flowered just keep them on 12/12 and they'll turn out very nice, and what kind of light and set up you useing
  13. Here im gonna try and upload a pic. Its about 7 or so inches and its been on 12/12 for like 5 or 6 days. It is in a 6x6 grodan cube. If i go ahead and continue flowering these im worried that i wont yield much at all. I have 8 plants in a 2x4 table. U guys think i should just go ahead and continue instead of getting a new set of clones? thx for all the help guys. im anxiously waiting for replies

  14. he is talking about growing from seed a clone is completely different its a cutting from a plant that was already in veg long enough to be ready to flower but never put in two flower a clone is a copy of the plant it was cut from so since the plant it was cut from was ready to flower so is the clone believe me i live in cali and have talked to many medical growers that do this it save time in stead of veging a plant thats ready to flower for a month and then flowering for 5-7 weeks they just put them straight in to flower and get bud faster :)
  15. you will get any were from a half or a whole ounce depending on the light your useing
  16. oops stoned. forgot the pic here it is:
    ps they are mostly different strains

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  17. what kind of light??
  18. its a 1000 watt ballast and the light is called sunspot 6. Do those lil ladies look too small or what do you think? btw you are tons of help thanks
  19. maybe a little rep in return just kidding :p but if your useing a 1000w over those you should easily get a ounce a plant but more likely more if they have a good environment

    what kind of juice are you useing?

    and is it hps or mh light?
  20. Its an HPS. Im using general hydroponics juice. the 3 bottles of nutes aswell as sm-90 in case of bugs. so if i use this sea of green method then i should probably get some more clones aswell to fill up my table? how many can i have in california going at the same time? i have a doctor rec

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