Did i make the right decision?

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  1. Hey, im new to this forum, signed up for the awesome edible recipes.. Anyways im new to weed, but i love it. I didn't have any this week so a friend of mine (well not really a friend but he is in my class) he said he has a friend that sells. So he talked to his friend and he texted me today(my classmate texted me) saying we can meet up at the shopping centre and ill give the money to the guy and he will go get the weed. I was clear from the beginning that i would not front the money. Ill just post the conversation:
    (Lets call him Don )

    Me: You should tell him that ill give the money when i see the stuff.
    Don: No
    Me: ?
    Don: He needs to go to the place and get the weed and he will come back. Dont worry bro, he won't rip you off.
    Me: He can go get the weed before we meet. I don't want to take the risk man, i have been ripped off before. I told you this from the beginning.
    Don: Listen man, he won't rip you off, i know him, i trust him. I see him everyday, he wouldn't do that. If he doesn't come back ill owe you the money.
    Me: There is no reason for him to get the weed after i give him the money unless he wants to leave and never come back. He can just get it before we meet.
    Don: No, we will do it as i say, trust me he won't rip you off. If he does I'll give you the money. He will not rip you off, im 1000% sure. And the he sends me a voice message (He is using an angry voice and talking really fast)
    Nothing bad will happen.

    Me: Then forget it. The same shit you're telling me now, i have heard before and my money was gone.
    Don: Fine, if you dont trust me then ill cancel it.

    He told me before that he doesnt get anything out of this except better prices from the guy if he gets him enough costumers but i was getting a bad feeling from our conversation.

    Me: I trust you (not really), but i dont know the other guy. If you trust the guy as much as you say, why don't we use your money?You said yourself, you would give me the money if he ripped me off.
    Don: I texted him, but if he wants to do it my way and you dont, then we cancel it. But i trust the guy more.. More than you, i know the guy really well. Man you are pissing me off. He won't rip you off and i dont even have $25, I would have to go to the bank and i dont feel like going(it was $25 for 2,5 grams, i know its not a lot of money but still.)
    Me: Wait for the guy, if he doesnt want to do it my way, then forget it.
    Don: The problem is.. Ill be honest the guy doesn't have any money, and he needs to go buy the weed from his friend. It will only take a minute.If we do it his way, it will work out. If not we forget it, youll be a pussy but whatever.
    Me:Im no "pussy", im just not fucking stupid. You would do the same in my position. I hope.

    And we talked a little in person and then i decided to trust my gut, which was telling me, it was bullshit.

    The guy is taller than me and bigger and i dont know him that well just so you know. And the conversation was not in English. I translated it the best i could. (Sorry for any mistakes, I learned English from movies and video games)

    My questions are...
    Do you think i made the right decision?
    Do you think that they all just wanted to rip me off? I know its not a lot of money but i don't have a job(still go to school obviously) and i bet it would feel bad knowing that i "lost" my parent's money no matter how much.

    Thanks you for reading,i know it was long.. By the way, this is by far the best forum i have ever seen!!
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  2. I think you made the right decision. You followed your gut and stuck to it. Good job!

    Who knows if they wanted to rip you off or not. He was trying to be a baller, and you squashed that pretty good. His friend was supposedly a dealer, but didn't have 2.5g to sell and he didn't have the $$ to buy it. So, he was no baller. A wannabe, yeah, but that's it. The point is, rip off or not, they were definitely little league players who are big into drama, so you did well to avoid them.
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  3. Pretty sure they were trying to rip you off. I certainly would not have given them any money up front. TBH I wouldn't deal with them anymore, I see them trying to sell you a bag of random green stuff in the future.
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  4. Hell yeahh OP, proud of you! It sounded sketch as can be, #1 rule in my book is never provide money before seeing the stuff. And if you ever end up on the other side of the deal never front!

    Legitimately proud of you lol so many people post the same story, only in their version they provided the money and got ripped off.

    Another thing that can happen, even with 'friends' - you give your friend money to throw down with him on a sack, he comes back with it as promised, but the quality is shit. So you could have avoided that too.

    edit: damn dude I missed the part about the language, your English is amazing for learning from movies and video games It's also sketch that your 'friend' wouldn't do it with his own money and it's good that you picked up on that

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  5. For sure was sketchy asf, although sometimes its worth the money to find out who the real friends are. in this situation i agree, you did exactly the right thing, why did your "friend" want you to buy it so bad? And why would this unknown fake dealer or whatever he is wanna deliver weed that he's not even selling himself? Something was definitely up man. Nice job identifying rule #1, never give money first.

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  6. I swear stoners are the best, kindest people there is. Thank you guys. I feel kinda proud of myself now, because at that moment, most people (including me) think "weed" or "no weed". I just wasn't sure i made the right decision, now i am.I am glad this happend though, now I know I can't trust him. Thank you.

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  7. If he doesn't have 25 bucks then hes the pussy. He doesnt need you and has a bunch of customers, but has 0$? You never know it could be all good, but your "friend" could use their money if they trust it so much. I suggest dont do it unless you literally have other ways to get weed and want it bad..then id..

    1. Ask about collateral. (25$ deal and asking for collateral is funky now that I think about it.)

    What did you do?
  8. I have other contacts, it just takes longer. Also If you (or anyone) could answer my question.. Is it normal that my dealer has no discounts? Like no matter how much you buy its still $10 /gram
  9. OP,

    You did the right thing.

    Your classmate raised a few "red flags" for me. First, he told you to front.... And second, he got mad at you and argued when you didn't want to.

    I have never fronted and never will.
    If someone raised their voice to me in the process of a business transaction, then I would tell them that the deals off.

    That's crazy. Good choice.

    Edit----- yeah, I've always had discounts. Once you go up... To a quarter, half zip, zip, qp, hp... There's always been a discount.
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  10. It wasn't loud, you probably thought that because of the caps(my bad). But it was definitely angry and you are right.

    "Sweet Mary Jane" by Ed Sheeran

    Listen to it
    It wont disappoint you :)
  11. Smoke him out one time and get him some customers and then he'll hook you up.. You did the right thing, don't trust random people too. But yeah my dealer hooks up a 1/8th for 30$ with even more bud just bc I no him personally

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  12. If you can't make the transaction happen yourself, you will be ripped off/robbed. Crime happens.
  13. If someone is pushy it's more sketch

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  14. Thank God you didn't smoke that hoe! (Smoked that hoe meaning failed, in Texas we say this) Never, I repeat never, I don't give a fuck who it is, give the person money first before you receive your product. And that goes for anything. Unless it's a hooker, then you sort of have to haha.
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  15. It's normal for someone who's selling tiny amounts. Like I'm betting that 2.5g is about as much as this guy has ever handled. If you're talking with someone who is not a wannabe and is actually a seller, you should expect different pricing at different weights.
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  16. In glad you have some logical thinking in you.

    There's plenty of threads here where people get ripped off OR they get very shitty weed.

    My money doesn't even come out until I've looked at it and smelled it.
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  17. This is just a suggestion. It's always worked for me.

    When you're going to buy, keep your cash, the exact agreed upon amount (never expect change), in your front right pocket. When you meet up, as they reach for the weed, you reach for the cash, but don't pull anything out of your pocket until you see the green.
  18. You did the absolute right thing, bro.

    Never give money before seeing the weed. There are hundreds of horror stories around this forum about people who did not the other way, only to be ripped off.

    Cheers to you.
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  19. You did the right thing for sure! If I don't know who im buying from i always take caution until I know them better and trust them. But never front money unless you have the weed in front of you.

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