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Did I LST Correctly?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Salguod, May 30, 2010.

  1. My soil is really loose so its hard for me to tie down without most of the growth touching the soil. Is this Ok?

  2. LST looks good. I would be concerned about the browning edges of your leaves
  3. Yeah, that and whatever is eating my leaves :(
  4. Yes, it looks great. The method of LST you have chosen is the best imo. Lost of people fim their plants, and just pull down the branches. I prefer the vine method your using.
  5. Chicken wire my friend. Well worth the effort IMO

  6. I have chicken wire, doesn't stop the bugs unfortunately.
  7. Looks good man, but you might wanna keep the growth a bit higher from the ground. I suggest jamming a big ass stick into the dirt, and using that as an anchor you can tie the strings too... Or you can just put heavy rocks/bricks on the strings... So that your plant is LST'd, but without having all the growth mashed on the ground like that... I've used both methods outdoors, and they both work great. I prefer using rocks/bricks, though... They're much easier to adjust when all ya gotta do is lift the rock, adjust the string, and put the rock back...

    Me too, and I've gotten excellent results:


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