Did I kill my LAB?

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  1. When combining my finished LAB serum with organic molasses to make it shelf stable, I was having a difficult time getting them to combine, so I gave the jars a shake. Now there's a layer of sludgy separation and I suspect the shaking may have caused enough trauma to kill the bacteria. Can anyone weigh in?

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  2. I don't shake mine. I just pour the LAB over the molasses and let it sit. Oh, and I have a one-way valve in the top of my finished LAB container to keep it from blowing up as they eat the molasses.
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  3. Yah, I normally don't either. The LABS just wasn't combining via stirring, so I gave it a shake without really thinking about the fact that I was dealing with a living culture. It doesn't look right to me, so I think I'll be starting over. Too bad a did a huge f'n batch this time. It's 4 quarts and a pint.
  4. I do gallon batches and if it doesn't turn out, then it goes into my septic system to feed those microbes!
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  5. That's a good call!
  6. I've got a Lab that's been going strong for 14-15 years now.
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    Heya RD, I couldn't resist:jump:


    Before you ditch it, what does it smell like? If it passes the smell test and doesn't evoke a gag reflex, it may be okay. If it has a slight vinegar smell but not as strong it's most likely okay. If you're still uncertain, rather than ditch it, use it in a compost pile or mix it into some used soil that's gonna sit so it won't be a complete loss.

    @Biggobelly Your username sounds like what I would write about myself in the description part of a dating site:poke:
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  8. @Chunk Funny thing is....I have a 28" waist and no gut.
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  9. You can send it in for a
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