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Did I just waste a gram of weed?? Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EarlOfLemonKush, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Okay, so I made a small firecracker and put it in the oven at 300 degrees for 10 minutes. I didn't get high. I made another cracker with about .8 grams and wrapped it up and it's been sitting for 24 hours. If I ate this how is, would I get high, or have I wasted nearly a gram? Thanks in advance.

  2. you might want to let it sit another day but one day should be enough

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  3. It really depends, edibles affect people differently. I can eat a 1g cookie from the club and feel nothing, my friend ate 1/2 and was throwing up.
  4. start eating omega 3 pills - might help you with edibles
  5. but is it possible to get high if i eat it
  6. Like its said before edibles break down diffrently in diffrent digestive systems, mine is a pain in the ass!
    Omega 3 could be another answers, im sure there is somthing on it on grannys list!
  7. Most likley not, did you add any oil to your pb mix? what is the fat content in your pb? id advise leaving it to sit for another 2 days.
  8. I don't like edibles. Like the high is different. When you smoke, your head gets kind of numb or heavy or whatever you wanna call it. And when is take edibles it intensifies this feeling and gives me a huge headache
  9. Did you decarb the bud?
  10. I'm assuming you'd feel SOMETHING.. :confused_2: 

    Like others are saying, maybe your metabolism and digestive system is different?

    Have you had edibles before with that specific dosage and felt anything?
  11. You most likely didn't let it cook long enough, when I do em I cook em for 25 minutes at 350 degrees...and I get stupid high everytime...

    Letting anther sit for just 24 hrs most likely won't be enough, cook it...

    Also did u decarb? It makes em better...also you may not have used enough weed, I personally cook with more (like 2gs in 1 cracker) but I like to know its gonna blast me when I eat 1

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  12. edibles dont get me high unnless i put a gram or 2 of claim. thats what i do when i clean my rigs since claim tastes like shit to dab. i just make 1g firecrackers bd bit chew much so it doesnt get all in my teeth. but regular edilbes dont get me high. those edilbes with supposedly a 1/8th never ht me. hubby bars never hit me.. they did when i first started... i never perosnally waist weed on edibles
  13. You just have to find the right dosage and they will work. But no that .8 will be fine to eat. I would gobble it up now if you really want to get hugh, but letting it sit longer will most definitely extract more thc. The extent of which i'm not sure of as I don't have much experience with that method. If you only had .2 in the firecracker you cooked I can see why you didn't get high. I need at least .4 of dankity in one to feel it.
  14. This
  15. Edivles can be tricky sometimes, i can honestly say ive had the most success an gotten the highest off eating avb, stronger than any brownies cookies or capsules ive ever had.

    Edibles also stopped working on me for awhile for some reason i tried em all and i just wasnt getting high until i threw some avb on a pb sandwich and ate it

    Maybe try to mimic vaporization in the oven by putting bud in a pyrex dish covered with foil at 390F for 20 minutes then put said bud on pb sandwich and eat

    Im not saying it will 100% work an no i havent tried that personally but its basically the same concept as my vaporizer with the temp and time and that avb gets me fucked so idk worth a try
  16. Edibles are a mixed bag for a number of reasons.
    Before trying to make them again read up on decarboxylation. Here's a better recipe than firecrackers to try out edibles:

    If you want to cut out a lot of the confusion on what decarboxylation is basically just do this before you use weed in food:
    1. Wrap weed in tinfoil, real good so that the vapor can't get out too easy
    2. Heat oven to 300F
    3. Put weed in the oven for 15 minutes
    4. This will make your kitchen smell like weed, the stronger the weed the stronger the smell

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