Did I just receive a sketchy DM from a new member?

Discussion in 'General' started by SouthernRoots, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. I posted a drawing of a grow room design layout and then received this message from a guy that used a picture of his face as his avatar, looks to be in his late 40s and account created yesterday:

    "Saw your thread and thought you vould help. Bn doin some planting wit cfls and plan on upgradin. Dont know what im gon upgrade to yet. Hps or led. I need help setting up the indoor grow room, the tents and fans and carbon filters. Im in iowa and getting access to most of the setup stuff is a hassle. besides delivery guys here have flagged some shops so dont want to take a risk. Realized cops start to pay too much attention when you start shopping around for grow equipments. Where did you shop your setup from?"

    Seems like an odd way for a middle aged man to type. Also, if you're smart enough to be on this website...aren't you smart enough to know how to find your supplies? I don't know, just seems odd. What do you think?
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  2. It does seem odd especially since you can order supplies everywhere, how can delivery guys flag shops? I'm just curious.
  3. Oh Southern Roots always go with your first instinct. If it feels weird then it is...
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  4. I searched the guys username on google and it came back with a dating profile from a Russian website saying he lives in Chicago, but in his message he says he lives in Iowa.
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  5. Don't trust it.... I wouldn't Google and youtube you can learn anything
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  6. That's sketchy af.

    Like twice a year someone will dm me asking for a hookup. Nothing like that though.
  7. Sounds like the typical reshipping scam.
    Identity Theft Resource Center

    Any suspect, or forum guideline, conversations can and should be reported, through the report button.
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  8. I checked the exif data of the photo I posted in the thread he first found me. Doesn't look like it left anything in there that he could be using to try and get more personal info, but I'm still skeptical
  9. I am going to say that he is fake and is likly a kid pretending to be an adult.

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