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Did I Just Get Cut Off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ls2014, Jul 12, 2014.

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    So I got this dealers number from one of my friends and I called him up today, when he picked up he said he was busy because he was having trouble with the police and cut the phone. He sent me a text 10 minutes later asking what I needed so I called him back and he asked me where I was and how I got his number so I told him, he asked how much I wanted and I said "a 20 bag" and he cut the phone. 
    Why did he cut me off? I sent him text asking what happened and got no reply, should I call him back or find someone else? 

  2. Maybe the cops beat the shit out of him and are tracing your call... bro youre next, they're gonna shove nightsticks up ya butt. I would pack up snd move to another state in general.

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  3. yea his phone was tapped youre next bro
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    I don't think the police were with him at the time, he was hiding in his car somewhere, they're not the type to work with police either so he wouldn't try to get me arrested, I think he was just paranoid but I don't know why, I didn't make myself obvious or anything, all I did was ask for a 20 bag, now I need to find a new hookup, shits annoying... 
  5. Well there are only two possibilities, and they both lead to the same answer...
    1. Cops were on him, and will use whatever evidence they get from him, including numbers and texts in his phone, to prosecute him
    2. He's a flake, and making up some BS to lead you on for whatever reason. Maybe he's just out and it's a diversion.
    Either scenario, same answer. Find a new hookup. Especially if it's #1. I don't do business with people who have the law hanging around.
  6. Maybe he doesn't want to sell in such small quantities.  If I asked for a 20 sack my guys would probably laugh, then hang up.
  7. I live in the UK, over here a 20 bag is the same as an 8th.
  8. he's probably dry or is low and doesn't have that amount wait until he reups he'll hit u back or reply
  9. He said he was having trouble with the police and you still wanted to buy? find someone else, dont smoke, but DEFINITELY don't become a phene and still call when he's hot. I would probably hang up the phone, and go straight to your house and punch you in the mouth if you didnt take the obvious hint after the first call. smh
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    Ok I think I was unclear when I explained what happened. The police weren't with him, he is part of some gang and they all deal and one of them got arrested this morning, they were worried if that guy would snitch or not so they were staying low at the time which is what I meant by trouble with the police. They didn't actually find him. Once the situation was dealt with his text seemed like he was eager hook me up and he asked me where I was so he could come to me and he also said he has the good shit, he only started to ignore my calls/texts after I called him up and asked for a 20 bag. And he will obviously be getting into trouble with the police, there are some dealers here who get caught and go to jail but then come out and continue to deal.
  11. Your dealer sounds like a super shady person, try finding someone else who isint dumb about things.
  12. What's the best way to find a non gang related dealer? I used to know this guy that deals who I was friends with in highschool but I lost contact with him now. A lot of the dealers I find now are in gangs and are also likely to rob people so I have to be careful. I honestly just want to meet the guy pick up and weed and go home.
    I feel ya man, I have no idea where to start. I was thinkin' about tryin' to ask around downtown. Maybe ask the people who look like stoners but that just seems super fuckin' sketch. wat do
  14. Maybe he's having a connection issue? Idk how it is on your side of the pond man, but here in America, some carries drop calls like fucking mad sometimes, and occasionally texts will take an oddly long time to go through.
  15. Do you really not think you did anything wrong?? Number 1, you called him(genius). Number 2, you called him back.... WHAT?!! Who calls back after hearing about the police. Number 3, you told him you need a 20 bag on the phone! You do not say a 20 bag. Make up something discrete for fucks sake. Number 4, you were calling him again for A FUCKING DUB. No wonder he hung up, most people don't deal with stupid kids paying for small bags with their allowance. You should delete his number and never go back, find someone else obviouslyyy.
    Maybe there was some kind of protocol that your friend didn't tell you about. Like code words or something, maybe the guy prefers texts over conversation, or doesn't like selling small amounts. Or maybe they don't have a very high opinion of your friend. Could be anything.
  17. #1 he don't know you, he could give less than a fuck if you need weed.
    #2 your friend who passed out his number might be getting an ass whoopin real soon.
    If it were me Id tell you to get lost and stick your $20 up your ass.
  18. Well it probably was because I wasn't discreet enough then, I thought "20 bag" would be better than saying "8th" and I don't know most of the UK slang terms yet...
  19. this 
  20. I live in the UK so a 20 bag is an 8th, £20 is around $35. It's not the same as in the US either, because we can't get those dealers that give you the weed and leave. We're stuck with gang bangers and wannabe highschool gangsters that try to rob you if you're not careful and they're extra paranoid. They don't have a circle of people they deal to either, it's usually who ever has their number assuming you're not a cop, the guy who gave me his number is closer with him than he is with me.

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