Did I Green Out?

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    So, my first weed experience was weird, because I was already drunk and I didn't know at the time that you shouldn't mix substances. The other times I did It, I didn't really feel diferentes. However, the last time I smoked, I took around 4 puffs, and my ear started buzzing and everything was slow mo. I later fainted and it seemed like I was dreaming. I woke up with no strenghts to get of the floor.
  2. Certainly glad we are not hitting the beaches of Normandy together
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  3. Why 2 threads? As I said in the other one. There's a lesson in here somewhere.
  5. Probably spice. If you missed it, the lesson is don't smoke with strange men you don't know. You might get bummed next time.
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  6. Exactly how that sounds. I smoked that shit a few times before it was really recognized. Took a mild rip of some shit i think was called defcon 5... my ears rang and I just slowly passed out, literally thought "well, this is how im gonna die" woke up like 2 minutes or so later with everybody staring at me with concern. NO BUENO.
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  7. Yes
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  8. Lollllll sounds like the first time I got high

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