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Did i get too high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Artiluca, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Ok so i'm relatively new to smoking and i've only done it 4 times. Last night i smoked two joints with my friends and i took about 8 decent hits. After about ten minutes i couldnt walk straight and i my chest was pounding. I don't remember most of the night but i didn't pass out or anything. My motion was also very blurred. I'm sorry if this was a stupid question but i'm new to smoking and i was a bit paranoid at first.

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  3. Sounds like you didn't smoke enough.


  4. No such thing as too high off weed. Smoke till the cows come home partner, your first few highs are the best!! Don't get anxious, accept the lovin' marijuana gives you with no fear. Walk around in the woods with your friends and get blazed. I would kill to switch places with you, being high is a lifestyle now, not an event. Enjoy it while its new! No fear!

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  5. Nah man, I smoked 3 times before my first actual high, I was so fed up that night (that I couldn't get high) that I took some gigantic hits of some serious dank. After 3 hits I lost my mind. I was focusing on too many things at once, everything was so noticeable (down to the ant crawling on the ground near my foot) and everytime my friend walked it sounded like big foot was approaching my ass. I got a text from a guy I liked and all it said was "we're not friends lol" and I cried like someone threw a brick at my face. That night was wild as shit, I have no shame. But been lighting up ever since man  :smoking:
    now i'm pretty mellow and just want to enjoy my high.
    Happy toking  :smoke:

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