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Did i get Ripped?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Relax2181, May 17, 2010.

  1. i Fronted $50 bucks for a 8th. have dealt with him before. and fronted before with him. evreybody else was dry. so i went for it gave him $50..... i texted him after school i said where are you? i have to out to dinner. i said i need it today. i said if u dont get it today give my money back tomorow... NO TEXT BACK AFTER THAT. were kind of freinds. i am really thinking to beat the fuck out of him tomorow?
  2. Violence is never the answer, just talk to him tomorrow, i'm sure there's a logical reason, or just call him if you haven't already...
  3. Not enough info to say whether you got ripped or not...all you can do is wait it out till tomorrow....remember front shit is punk If he don't got it then...whats wrong with just holding onto to you're money till he has it, or till you find someone who does? I mean shit technically once the money's gone its gone. The dude could just out right rip you, short you, burn you, whatever...

    Just wait it out, and remember to hold on to your money next time.
  4. This.

    For all you know, OP, he had problems of some kind and is dealing with those.

    Also, never front money. Ever. It's bad business. You hand over the money and receive the bag at the same meeting.
  5. Yeah wise words from OSG, never front money too man, had a couple of experiences with it and every time i've fronted the asshole has just run off with the money...

  6. Took the words right out of my mouth. Use common sense man.
  7. ^^ x 10
  8. OSG you stole my thunder I totally said the same thing!
  9. wait a dayand call him up n tell him he needsto bring u an ounce and u got 400 bucks, then whup his ass, run his pockets and get a free 7/8's out of it. dont play games when yer dealin with the black market, there is no better business buero in drug dealing
  10. Learn from this mistake, never ever under any circumstances front anyone anything. Especially large amounts or if you are offered "collateral", which will most likely be a broken electronic such as an ipod or phone that they will say just doesn't have batteries.
  11. Epic Fail...I always notice that its the ones that type like neanderthals that have the...he make me sad crush him! Mentality...when you get older man you'll learn that it's better to destroy a person with your mind not even raising a fist...dude jacked you for fifty...figure out a way to play him for 1000....thats how I live my life anyway. Tit for tat.
  12. Never Front Money.
  13. i wouldnt say never front money, only front money to people that you trust very well, i bailed my buddie out of jail a while ago and he hasnt payed me bak yet, but i know he is broke and cant so i dont stress it too much, sometimes they really do need the money first to go get it but if it isnt some1 u trust dont do it, get your own connect and sell him his weed, it better be awesome weed for 50 an 5th, i pay 50 for the best shit ive ever smoked
  14. actually it is acceptable if a friend, real friend, not a guy that sells weed and you think you are their friend, goes into a sketchy place you don't know to get it. exception to every rule. also, somebody you live with cause their property is yours for the taking.

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