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Did i get ripped?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by chris243, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. just wonderin if I got ripped off by this guy. Its supposedly called raspberry cough. I bought 1/4 ($100 worth) and it seems pretty good and reiks of fruit. Its definitely pretty good I smoked it earlier and was baked of my ass. thanks

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  2. Looks legit.

    Legit sax?

  3. If a heavy metal band ever needs a sax player, I vote this guy.

    OP-That looks pretty close to a quarter. I'd suggest you buy a scale to make sure everything is right. I got mine for $12 on amazon and it scales to .01 :smoking:
  4. picture of it

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  5. That's totally legit. Raspberry cough is one of my favorites man enjoy that. Definitely not a rip off even if its a bit short, but looks like 7 grams to me

  6. sweet man thanks a ton. Holy fuck it is some of the best bud Ive ever smoked
  7. Dude, thats dank as fuck
  8. #8 KUSH ner, Dec 30, 2012
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    Damn I think I have some similar shit. My bud right now looks exactly like that nug and this is the fruitiest smellin shit I have had. Can't find a pi of the un broken up nug but it looked dank as shit

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  9. #9 Komodoe, Dec 30, 2012
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    so.. did you get ripped?
  10. That is definitely a quarter. I can't tell you if it's on the dot, but definitely near or over
  11. yea heres a couple pictures of it. You guys should follow me on instagram for pictures of bud. total_herb

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  12. Yes that's a quarter. Definitely worth around 90-100 in my area, bud looks dank.
  13. I live in Nebraska. Good deal?

  14. 7 Grams? Its not 160$ yo, thats insane. You are getting played :smoking:
  15. Yea it's a quarter but I personally would not pay a hundred for it
  16. Looks good OP

    Out here in WA that would go for 50-70 dollers

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