did i get ripped off?

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  1. Made an order on July 11, 2011 shipped on July 12,2011 its august 10th today and i still haven't received my package... this is getting me really worried because i have read that max it takes is up to 14-20 days... what should i do?? i just really wanna get some info of whats going on with my package and how much longer its going to take to arrive? thanks.

  2. I highly doubt grasscity ripped you off. Did you open a support ticket?
  3. im waiting for them to respond.
  4. Pease note that we are on summer ( vacation ) season :) tickets may get responded a little late but not too late then usual
  5. GC has been around since 2001. If they were ripping people off they wouldn't be one of the largest online headshops :) just wait it out and someone will get back to you.

    Oh and remember it's coming from overseas. I got my bong in a little over a month.
  6. Yeah i understand. its just that ive heard from some people they never got their order so that worries me.
  7. Who said they never received their order?
  8. this website that people review websites.

  9. Which website ?
  10. Honestly that site looks like funny and full of s..t
    Rip-off Report | Grasscity.com | Complaint Review: 680387
    Grasscity is not owned by any chinese company at all.
    Keep in mind our staff has to ban lots of members and sometimes people feel bad about this and try to take revenge.
    We value our users and customers and you can read many threads how Sj treated customers. Just stick a little longer a staff will respond your ticket as soon as possible. Please also keep in mind that Grasscity is operated from Holland therefor business hours are operated by their time zone.
  11. So much for waiting another week.. nothing here yet... i swear im only gonna wait till next week. if it doesnt get here by next week is there a way i can cancel my order?
  12. Did you contact support and received any response ?

  13. This makes me physically angry

    Complete bull shit, if i was Grass city i would honestly want to sue man :mad: i mean that's not really possible but i really hope people don't think this is for real
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    I find it hilarious. You can tell it's garbage with the spelling mistakes. "Loosing" always gives me a chuckle.
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    I know it's garbage of course it's garbage it's not actually true it just pisses me off that people make shit up like that

  16. Sounds like another case of someone trying to use Anonymous as their own personal army.

    "I got banned from this site, guys! AVENGE MEEEEEE!!!" :rolleyes:

    Most likely not gonna happen. Maybe it sounds silly to say that Anonymous has better things to do, but I really think Anonymous has better things to do. :laughing:

    The whole "GC was bought out by a Chinese company" thing really cracks me up though. Anyone who has ever been a member here knows that SJ runs this place and... well... I've never seen him speak Chinese so... ;) LOL

    RipOffReport is a crap site anyway. They don't do anything to authenticate the complaints that people put on there. Likely it's just another banned member being whiney because he got banned for being 16 or calling people names.


    That's me being sad for that person. So sad I am for him/her. :p

  17. Yeh that is the case :laughing: and yeh anonymous crashes sites that suppresing people or other reasons.

    I don't think they would want to look like a fool crashing a marijuana cultivation forums :p

    And i really hope grass city never goes Chinese :laughing:

  18. Precisely...

    They internet is great and horrible at the same time...all you have to do is search and you can find so called "proof" to back up anything that you want...

    I bet if you searched long enough, you could find proof that monkeys have indeed come flying out of someone's ass...
  19. this is what i got...

    Your order has been shipped on 7/12. as per our email of 7/17 to you:

    "Sometimes packages can get delayed by several weeks We apologize for this delay, but we are dependent on the postal services. If a parcel isn't delivered, it gets returned to us. Only then can we start a reshipment procedure or find another solution. Our standard wait is 8 weeks after shipping date before we start to facilitate any further action" and also "we are based in The Netherlands and that's where your shipments comes from." meanin that this travels form over seas.

    But for argument's sake can you confirm your shipping address for us?

    we truly apologize and we appreciate your patronage, patience and understanding in this matter.

    kind regards,


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