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did I get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrhightimes1991, May 11, 2011.

  1. I bought an eighth of mango kush for $55. my dealer told me it was dank as fuck. I've smoked it twice now the first time i smoked half a bowl the second time about 3/4 of a bowl and both times i've felt a little bit high but not even close to when i smoke like two and half bowls of mids and what not... this is the first time i've smoked the kush and I must say I'm very disappointed with it so far as I've heard you take like two or three hits and you're high. did I get ripped off?
  2. What is your method of smoking? Bong, pipe etc. It still takes a bowl of dank to get me high, maybe you have a high tolerance?
  3. did it smell dank?
    You can usually tell by the smell of it.
    but it sounds like you did.
  4. if you like the high of mids better than any "dank" its not dank. nuff said
  5. not true. mids will typically be an indica dominant strain while mango kush is not. if he was used to the heavy stoned feeling of an indica a sativa high may feel less intense.
  6. does it look super dank with crytsallys and a nice potent dank smell kind of a deep coffee skunky scent?
  7. sounds like its just sativa dominant, which is a less noticeable much headier buzzier high then the couchlock you get from smoking multiple bowls of mids, mids are def more indica dominant and have more CBN or w/e in them.

    this totally happens to me every once and awhile, i dont like sativa dominant stuff that much and sometimes i get some tasty looking dank that just doesnt give me the high i want, not becuase it isnt dank but more so becuase im picky

  8. actually thats a great call warrior, my b +rep
  9. well before I broke it up it looked really pretty and wayy better than the mids and the smell is beautiful smells so good got that fruity smell. idk if you can tell anything 'cause the quality is not that great but here's a picture of some of it

    Attached Files:

  10. The pictures don't do justice but it looks like headies to me. Smoke more than 3/4 of a bowl and then tell us how you feel.
  11. Looks kinda schwaggy...

  12. yeah every time I'm high on mids I can't function almost I feel completely retarded but I kinda like it. this high is more of a head high I can function and feel a bit buzzed but idk I just don't feel really high
  13. thanks duder.

    nugget high is totally different. i will never, ever forget he 1st time i smoked nugget. the 1st cpl minutes after the j i was like man this aint shit then like 2 minutes later i was ready to sell my car and spend all the dough on nugg (not really but kinda)

  14. Stopped there. Yes you got ripped off.

    But you don't take two or three hits and you're high. And why would u load a half bowl and expect to get high when you've already smoked a ton of mids which would build up your tolerance. I load fat pipe bowls just for myself and I only smoke once a night. Increase the greenage and your high will be directly proportional to the amount you load. 1-2 bowls: hella high. 1/2 bowl - 3/4 bowl : eh kinda high it's alright I guess.
  15. Since when is an eighth of dank for 55 being ripped off? Thought the prices are higher in the states. I hear of people paying 60 - 70 on the east coast.
  16. depending on where you live, "kush" is most likely an over generalized term so you probably got something else than what you were told. judge your nug by the taste, looks, and high not the name your dealer told you.
  17. How bout a pic so we can help?
  18. I can't really tell from that picture.

    But I'm guessing it's some good quality mids.
  19. I would have to totally disagree with this post. The OP's mids might have been indica dominant, but that doesn't mean that most mids are. For one to say that most mids are indica and that most danks are sativas is just retarded! Oh and by the way, Mango Kush in a very strong indica!!! Know you shit before you preach bro!
  20. I think what he was trying to say is that mids will have a higher standard CBD ratio than THC. Doesn't make it an indica, just less potent herb.

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