did i get ripped off

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  1. ok i got my first dime bag like a week ago and it had like 30 seeds in it did this guy just load it up with seeds to make it bigger or should it be like that. thanks.

  2. a dime bag shouldnt have any seeds.

    it should be 0.5 grams of marijuana.
  3. How much weight in bud did you have?

    Either way I would say that you got played.

    30 seeds in a dime bag? Thats ridiculous.

    Hell 30 seeds in a ounce is pushin it.
  4. 30 seedS!!

    i havent seen seeds in a while, but 30 seeds in a dime is ridiculous
  5. i didnt weigh it but i was abel to roll 1 joint and pack a bowl and the stuff sucked it was my first time and i didnt get high at all im not buying from him again
  6. yeahh, you did say you're new to smoking weed.

    so, im thinking the dude you bought the weed from is taking advantage of that. so, yeahh you did get ripped off.

    i suggest the following:

    - stop buying from him
    - dont confront him about it unless you want trouble. just let it go. you learned your lesson, so dont let it happen again.
    - when you buy weed, dont look like a noob when you do it. unless you want the dealer to take advantage of you again. just act like you know what you're talking about, even if you dont.
  7. thanks man thats alot of help
  8. a dime bag is only good for one joint or a good sized bowl for about 1-2 people. no more than three.

    not everyone gets high their first time smoking.

    the first time i smoked weed, i didnt feel anything. the second time was okay. the third was like WHOAA. haha so, yeahh. you still have time.

    but yeahh, dont buy from him again.
  9. haha, your new, youll learn the tricks of the trade :rolleyes:
    but yes, 30 seeds in a dime is really really bad dude.
    look more at the weed before you buy it.
    you can always have a buddy come with that knows more, youll learn.
    thats what i did, i had my friend come with me.
    you want as little seeds and stems as you can (logically)
    if you can, have them weight it too.
    dont be like "is this worth $10?" itll make you look ripoff-able.
    if you have friends that smoke, have them show you how much each bag is. like have them show you a dime, nickel, and other sizes and stuff.
    we were all there at one point, youll get the hang of it :smoke:
  10. if you are buying bags (nickel, dime, dub) there is no way u should be getting 30 seeds....plus im sure 30 seeds weigh way more than .5 so OP is obviously exaggerating.
  11. no im not exaggeerating i saved the seeds and to post this i counted them to be exact there was 28 but whatev

  12. valid point, but the dealer MAY have just through a few tiny buds in and then threw his seeds in.

    to the OP, were the seeds within the buds? like did you pick them out? or were they just laying around in the bag?
  13. yeah you got ripped off. But just so you know, a lot of people i know didnt get high on there first time.

    And its not always the weeds fault, i mean, i smoked with my buddy it was his first time and we had some straight up chronic ass bud. He didnt get high at all.

    Not sure why it happens. Personally, i got fuckin stoned my first time haha.
  14. OP can you put these questions in apprentice tokers
  15. why is everyone saying a dime is .5? He obviously got schwag/mids and atleast down here a dime is 6-7 grams.
  16. when i got the weed it was already ground and the seeds were just mixed in . . . . what does OP mean
  17. OP is original poster. So your the OP of this thread.
  18. ooooooooohhhh ok that makes this alot easier 2 understand thanks
  19. It's been a long time since I've seen weed with seeds, but even when I did I've never seen more than a few in a bag. 30? That has to be intentional.
  20. i posted somethin else kinda like this earlier and some ass hole got on me about it but ok will do

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