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Did I get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by care4ameatball, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hello guys, my names Anthony. I don't really smoke too often, usually once or twice a week to relax. I'm not a new smoker, I've been smoking for 2 years now. But even then, I'm not an expert when it comes to weed. I can tell when the weed is bad, and when it's not, but with this weed I couldn't and I would like some more expereinced smokers opinion just based on my description. I went to buy an eighth from one of my dealers, I wouldve gone to my other one but he was sick and didnt have any bud. So I called up the other dealer I go to and he said he had dro, which where I live is pretty amazing. He said cause the bud was so good, he'd sell it for 45, or i could get 3 grams for 40. Where I live these are the prices. I only had 40, so he said, because I was his customer for a while, he'll just give it to me for 40. So we met up and he handed me a bag, that seriously stunk up my whole backpack, and I had to go to the chinese buffet to get some bags to conceal the smell. Anyways, I went and examined the weed, and notcied a few seeds and stems, and the color seemed a bit off, which is not unusual where I live, because good weed only comes from a few dealers, most sell brown shit. Anyways, I noticed not much THC strains or much trichomes, but the smell was so god damn bad it still stunk up my backpack through like 10 bags covering it. It is confusing as shit, how weed could look so bad, yet smell like chronic that is worth a million more dollars. Based on this description, what would you more experienced smokers think of this? Also, sorry for no pictures. I would, but I don't have a cable for putting pictures on my phone atm.

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    If the smell is as strong as you say it is, you don't have to worry, it's dank. :hello:
    Sometimes if the bud is leafy it sort of masks the trichomes, that could be what your seeing.
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  3. You can't see the THC molecule by looking at a bud with you naked eye.
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  4. Well, I don't know. I mean those orange strains I see sometimes on the bud, a friend told me that was THC.
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  5. Just rolled a joint, shit was sticky. I got my money's worth, thanks for replying.
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    It's hair, red hair (in that case orange)
    THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, that's the chemical molcule / psychoactive ingredient in the plant. You can't see it by the naked eye because that's what it looks like:
    The chemical forumal:
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  7. Sometimes you can't tell how good some bud is until you actually smoke it.
    Once I got this tuna fish sandwich smelling stuff, but it looked really leafy and woody. Kinda dry too. But when I actually smoked it holy shit. It was amazing.
  8. If the smell is that strong it has to be some good shit. Shitty bud also smells shitty. I have gotten some nice bud that had seeds and stems. I would say it is good. Any pictures? I can make a better decision if so.

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  9. doesn't sound like amazing bud, but only you can really make the  call when you smoke it. I've had experiences like that where dank smelling bud that doesn't look to great gets me wicked stoned, but I've also seen bud that smells dank not do much for me. 
  10. Those hairs are for flavor/ pollenating the plant theirs no thc in them, tricomes are were a lot of the extra thc is so if it has a lot more of those then it should be ok quality

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  11. ive smoked shit that smelled pretty much like puke, but after it hit me, i was calling for MUTHAA RUSSSIAAA
  12. Hey guys, thanks for replying. I smoked two joints of it this morning, and it got me pretty high. It was sticky, which I know is a sign of dank bud, and it definitely wasn't mids or schwag, it was very good bud and yet it looked like shit, but the smell seeped across my entire house, i never had bud that stunk up my whole house like that, and it was only an eighth.

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