Did I get out of my trip or did it end on its own??

Discussion in 'General' started by shotguner243, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I remember I smoked this type of legal weed, it caused me to trip everything on my TV made the trip go bad and I was thinking I was turning into a cube and I forced myself up and left my room and then the trip ended. there was words going through my head mostly space stuff then in the end mostly I didn't think I was coming back but anyway that's the story my question is was it will power that got me out or was it wearing off.
  2. 1. cant talk about that bullshit legal weed here

    2. don't smoke that SHIT, for god's sake it's deadly. do not smoke it.
  3. You know what this is?
  4. I stopped with the legal weed I was just kinda wondering.
  5. It can be anything that stopped it, but when I changed settings when I smoked it my high changed kinda like you described. I tripped in my bathroom, then in my living room i was just high rofl.

    Plus its only intense for 10 minutes or so
  6. It's against the rules! :eek:

  7. Dude..You are STILL trippin' heavy. That shit has poked a permanent hole in your brain. Fuck it, you are as good as dead.
  8. need to come down to earth for regular weed, here have a toke of my purple kush

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