Did I get hustled?

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  1. Bought some kief today. A friend recommended a dealer, I wasn't expecting kief, but bought it anyway. We did a quick exchange, upon further examination later though, I realized that it smells nothing like weed. Should kief smell like weed? Or should it smell different?
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  3. Only one way to find out.

  4. take pictures
  5. kief doesn't normally smell like weed. Smoke it.
  6. it's best not smoking unidentified substances. but if it looks like weed and doesn't smell that's ok not all weed has a strong smell.
  7. taste it if it doesn't taste like bitter chemical your probably good.
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    Was he black? We need more details man! Details

  9. *whispers* Psst, hey, I don't mean to embarrass you or nothin', but your racism is showing and we can all see it ;o
  10. Im just trying to get to the bottom of this...
  11. Well kief is just the trichomes that comes off of weed so it should glisten a little bit. Mine has always had a greenish tinge too it. It doesn't have to smell strongly of weed, but it shouldn't be far off. I would do what the person above me said and taste a tiny bit to see if it tastes like a chemical. You should be good though man.
  12. taste it. if it tastes like weed. Then smoke it. If you get high. Mission complete

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