Did I get a deal on this US tube

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  1. Ok GC so I just ordered this US Tubes beaker bottom 7mm thick, 50mm
    bore,single 4 arm tree perc,ice notches,splash guard,~19" because I ordered
    another piece they were out of stock on the guy gave me a "great deal" for $350 when it retails for $490 so did I get a steal here? Here's a pic link (it's the piece in the center)

  2. if you call paying markup a great deal.. then yea, atleast you didnt pay full markup. No doubt that man made a HUGE profit off of you though.
  3. Idk, its really thick and the 4 arm is nice, but there are some really nice tubes for around 350. Like Luke Wilson - Fixed Stem Inline Double Perk or Luke Wilson - Mini Beaker - 10 Arm / Mini 6 Arm.

    I like it, but the price is a little high I think? But what do I know, thats just my OP.
  4. Decent deal man, don't worry. US tubes are expensive, and not too easy to find, especially a perc'd one. Sure there is some stuff out there that has a lot more sophisticated diffusion for less, but you pay for the very high level of durability and quality. A perc'd 7mm tube for 350 isn't bad.
  5. Yeah I was thinking about the luke Wilson double perc inline Fixed stem for my next piece how are those (I live in Miami the glass scene,local or otherwise, is for SHIT if you can believe it) so I rely on yall at GC for help in glass
  6. They are amazing. Rips like crazy, you wont be disappointed at all.

    I like the tube you got, a little expensive, but hey its 7mm, that shit isnt going to break, looks good too.


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