Did I flush too early?

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  1. I'm nearing harvest on my first grow. I have several but am just asking about one plant today. It was marketed as a 65 day auto and I'm day 68. I knew it would be longer than 65 days.. I got a Carson 60-100x pocket scope and a few days ago checked and the trichomes we're clear but some we're turning milky, though it was hard to really see without smashing the white pistils down.

    The topmost flowers' pistils are turning orange/red so my thought was that I was a few weeks away from harvest. I'm inexperienced though, and it's hard to know if I'm a week away or a month away. I don't know how fast the trichomes change to Amber.

    As I said I already flushed and it's feeding time again.. I'm just wondering if I flushed too early and should still be feeding nutes/bloom boosters or if I am within about 2 weeks to harvest. The plant in question is the oldest, and most developed and yet it has very little trichomes.. I have some of the same strain, also in soil but 10 days younger that are covered in trichomes. The main difference between all these Auto Lemon OG plants I have is that this one is under LED.. no uv-b..

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  2. Yea looks like they could use more time

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  3. Thanks guys, after a few hours of inspection and no suggestions i went ahead and gave another feeding of big bloom, tiger bloom, terpene plus and molasses (Hi Brix) yesterday. I figured for this first plant even if I have to wait and I get more of the "couchlock stone" at least it will have reached it's potential yield so figured screw it, I'll feed one or two more times.. thanks for commenting guys!
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  4. She looks great burgerwolf excellent work there mate! She definitely has some time to go yet to get nice and fat :) don't worry about the hairs browning, that can happen from the wind lol patience is the key for perfection happy growing!

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