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  1. I registered and made a post yesterday about lowryder. It's not letting me log in and I can't find my post, did I do something wrong? I thought that I followed the rules, I didn't say anything offensive, sexual, etc and I am definately over 18. What did I do?

    I'll leave you guys alone if you want me to, I'd just like the know the reason why?
  2. not deleted as far as i know, if it were, then it may have been in a thread that got deleted, that way all the posts in that thread go with it.........if it was a thread about lowryder, and only had 1-4 posts in it, it may have been deleted, as there is allready one about it, that's like 4 pages long............and your welcome here, please stay..........Peace out............Sid
  3. This is "shortyautomatic"/"jazzmaster" and I appericate you welcoming me here. I'm sad to say that I think it's my computer having a problem with this website. My first lowryder post probally wasn't even deleted and I wasn't banned. The reason I know that is because it just now wouldn't let me login under "jazzmaster" and I know there was no reason to ban me for that post, I mean nobody would welcome you and then ban you. I tried some different options this time with my registration and hopefully it will work out. Thanks again guys, and I hope to keep talking with you.
  4. The site seems to be working perfectly well for me now. I hope it stays that way. I guess I should introduce myself huh?

    I am a newbie with a little experience. I'm paranoid, so I'm not going to get into my experience but most of it comes through reading and devouring information about everything related to growing. So most my question will be about personal experiences and not "how does this work?".

    My first post was generally about lowryder, asking if anybody had any experience with it. And especially if I could get away with planting it in 6" pots.

    It also asked for a little information about passing a drug test. I have a job interview coming up and I was wondering if there are any tricks for a twice a month smoker?

    Yeah so anyways here's a little more about me. I'm about to start my first solo grow and here's a few details about it.

    SOG lowryder that will eventaully be crossed with afgani to hopefully make a decent autoflowering hybrid with more potentcy. That's going to be a lot of trial and error with percentages and gentics and the such. I may possibly try to make feminized seeds since clones are out of the picture.

    I can decided if I want to build a grow box or if I want to try to grow in the closet (even though the closet will cause me to have heat problems).

    I will be growing with (1) 1,000 watt hps sodium light with a sun agro (I think) bulb to start off with. I will check my power bill and see if I can run 2 without drawing too much attention to myself.

    I'm still deciding on my soil. I'm thinking a blend of bat gauno, worm castings, and perlite. I just haven't decided in what ratio etc.

    I want to use Advanced Nutrients "2+" nutrients. I've heard nothing but good things about them. If I can't find anybody with lowryder experience, I'll probally just have to trial and error to find out which feeding program is right for me.

    And I'm still tossed up between and soil bed (good for root growth right) and 6" pots. Either way, I have it figured out that with mylar etc I can get about 80 plants in a 4x5 area, with my light providing a little less than 50 watts per sqaure foot.

    If all goes as planned every nine weeks (maybee less with a little nute tweaking) I'll have 20 ounces of lowryder bud. I figure 80 plants making a qaurter each will make 80 qaurters, 40 halves, or 20 ounces, which makes one and a qaurter pounds of bud every other month. Not shabby eh?
  5. Well, since theres another thread on Lowryder, I'll ask only one question...

    How do you plan on SOG'ing a plant that cannot be cloned?
    Also, when you do breeding, you need to do multiple things to stabilize the strain so its got predictable characteristics, and from what I hear: that isn't easy and can even take years...or decades. Honestly if you could get the max yield on it, 61g was the last reported, and do 60 of them and half were females; you would have a very very substantial yield.
    Even one seed-crop will last you awhile.
    And please, don't mess with the genetics if you don't plan on stabilizing it. People have been making all sorts of weird crosses that seem to be weaker than the originals, and its saddening to see the old genes start to fade away. :(
  6. bud fanatic. you're spot on with the breeding thing. quality is often being reduced by amatuer growers trying to make the leap to breeder. but one other little point... Breeding lowryder is much much faster since it only takes 2 months from seed to harvest.

    Sog lowryder tho....
    sog, Sea Of Green. A low profile grow of nothing but plants packed together to maximise bud for space rather than per plant.

    sure, sog has always been done with clones before... but that was before lowryder. the nature of lowryder means you could do a sog grow all from seed. there are people trying to make feminised strains to make that prospect more viable tho. but....

    Lowryder is the greatest advance in the cannabis activists arsenal. for overgrow opperations... there is no rival. so, in this respect, sensimilia may not be wanted. even if selling the bud (or whole plants!). why? because this would spread the seeds further for yet more overgrowing. think it will still be ilegal when its growing at the side of every road across the country!? hehe.

    lowryder will spread like wildfire!
  7. the only difrance between amatuer growers trying to make the leap to breeder and a breeder is time.

    i was going to say time and a good eye but that comes with time.

    we all have to start somewhere and the next genaration of breeders have to come from somewhere. breeding isnt rocket sicence, anyone can cross a northen lights male with a female haze and have a good surply of F1 seeds that are as good as £70 a pack seeds that meny "pro breeders" sell.

    maybe im missing something but i dont see how a hippie in a greenhouse in england is going to weaken the genes of plants in holland or thailand. infact aslong as people want pure strains to breed with, be they amatuer growers or breeders then market forces will keep these strains alive. the day that we all just want to grow and smoke bubbleybluebolt and yummygummy sic is the day we lose strains like haze, northen lights, thai etc for good.

    take thai, the growers aka drug barrons in thailand are crossing there plants with outside strains to improve yeald and give faster flowering times, partly to increse the profit but also stelth, the longer the plant is in the field the more chance the fbi dea or whatever branch of yank busybody has of finding it and burning it in some misguided do good thing that they do so well. when was the last time you seen thai seeds for sale?

    haze! bred by to hippies half way up a moutain in 70s calif... weakening genes or the birth of a legend? i'll leave that up2 you to deside.
  8. ^ Breeding isn't rocket science but it IS to do with plant numbers. Cupboards don't provide the depth of selection of rmothers and fathers. As for LR, well personally i find it lazy and slightly dangerous, at least in the current legal climate. I'm not risking my freedom for a 14g plant!!! lol

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  9. I believe the max total recorded yield from one plant was something like 61g...it was a new record...

    But then again, you wouldn't grow just one of them...heh.
  10. if you flowered just about any other plant at the same height that lowryder flowers at, i dont think it could get over 2 oz off it
  11. beautiful little bud there though :D Almost good enough to eat... ALMOST! I'd rather smoke it and smile all day lol


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