Did I completely fuck up with her?

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  1. Ok, let me just say this before I start. I was really drunk, and had smoked a tonne of weed for hours before hand.

    This girl I like, say her name is Madison. We like each other, haven't directly expressed it but she flirts with me a lot and is always inviting me out with her. 2 Friday's before this, she invited me to a jam with all her friends. I was stoked, and it was awesome. We were hardcore flirting with each other, she had me feeling her tits at one point.

    So we all go in the hottub. We stopped being all over each other because we just wanted to chill. There was this single chick on my left, and she started feeling me up. We started making out.. I know, bad fucking move. It was so dumb, and I don't know why I did it. Madison was right beside me. But anyways, I did. she was sitting on top of me and she started giving me a reaaaaally nice hj. At this point, like I was just totally in the moment. We didn't really talk the rest of the night, I kind of was hanging out with a bunch of people at that point and moving around a lot. I ended up just chilling with these 3 cool girls, we just went to a girl's house and passed around some bowls.

    I tried talking to her 2 days after that, at work cus we work together, and she was pissed. She didnt say hi to me or anything before, so I just did my work. I ended up asking her if she wanted to hang out and we did. Since then, we dont talk as much. My phone got fucked because I dropped it in the hottub, so I tried talkin to her on Facebook but she basically just shuts me down. We talked and she said shes not mad about it...But I can't shake the feeling she actually is.
    I wanna date this girl, I reaaaally like her. I screwed up but I'm actually not like that at all usually.

    What should I do? Loool
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    First,you should never blame your actions on alcohol or weed.But if you had to choose one to blame,it'd definitely be alcohol.But you should still always be in control.

    But with that being said,it's not like you guys were together and you said you've never actually expressed your feelings for eachother,ever.She can't really be mad at you for it,but you really probably shouldn't have done it if you really like this girl.It should have been HER that you were making out with.

    I'd say just give her some space and don't bug her about it.If she really likes you,she'll come around.Just never make the same mistake twice.

    Good luck,man.

    Edit:If it does work out,don't ever let her catch you talking to that girl.
  3. Damn, that might be it for you man :/ I mean she saw all that shit.
  4. HOT TUB


    you should of never got in it


    you should have never drank it

    mexican weed


    shouldnt of smoked it man

    life. you shoud of never...



    nah but. try to keep getting her to talk to you. if you see she moved on, DO THE SAME.

    if she knows whats good she'll come back eventually
  6. yeah, you fucked up big time...
  7. mmmmm ya fucked up buddy.....if it were the other way around with a girl u liked how would u be feeling about her? I know i for one wouldnt have shit to do with her, regardless of what she said/did to try to make up for it. I suggest moving on man....i highly doubt she's gonna get over that.
  8. hella fucked up
  9. fucked up.
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    Damn bro that was fuckin hilarious!

    If you really like her just continue to act the same way YOU acted before that happened, keep her in the friend zone and anything is possible.
  11. If she didn't get up and leave during all that, I don't see WTF she is pissed about.

    If she HAS gotten up and left, I would say, ok, you lost your chance, but she SAT there.

    Maybe she is pissed you did not include her in a 3-some.
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    Lol, yeah he should just reached over and started finger blasting her.

  13. you.fucked.up.
  14. [​IMG]
    well, did you cum or what?
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  16. You gone fucked up breh.
  17. true, you did fuck up. But you guys weren't together or anything so she really has no room to get mad. Doesn't work that way unfortunately, and she's mad at ya. So yea...um....good luck i guess?
  18. You done did fucked up

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