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Did I buy fake edibles lol?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by duckdogs, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. BB67E91D-0E07-4CF5-92AA-46C083D73FB9.jpeg 3335BDEC-305C-4E7E-BA5A-21A7A10B7226.jpeg 6FF1E88D-3B6D-462E-BBCA-1DB40D65BB61.jpeg
    So against my better judgement, I went thru someone i’ve never been thru before. $20 for 500mg, I’m not very familiar with edibles as this is my first time ever taking then but $20 Seemed oddly cheap to me. But i went ahead and got them anyways. Came sealed in the can fine, smelled and tasted like regular sour patch kids. Been waiting almost 2 hours now for them to kick in and still nothing. Only took 4 which may be my problem but thats 100mg right there. I have fairly high tolerance, been smoking wax/bud everyday for a couple years now. Anyone ever heard of these? Should I take more? Are these fake? help me out lol
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  2. If 2 hours went by and u feel nothing.. rip. Try eating a couple more. Normally I feel them after an hour, and after two they start hitting decently, and by three weeee

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  3. I think you're confusing the overall weight of the product (500) with your active ingredients which it lists on the second picture right after.
    Given most edibles suggest 10mg as a "starter"...I'm not really sure how these work...these would be quite weak if so...perhaps they're designed only to be low dose/medicinal type ones? Anyone wanna weigh in here?

    2 hours, yes...edibles would have kicked in by now.
    ...are you smoking at the same time, or?
    Have you had any alcohol today or yesterday? These severely deplete the effects from what I've experienced.

    There could also be the small chance you're one of the unlucky few that edibles don't work well, or at all with. You'd need another person to try to confirm this.
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  4. Spur patch kits are fairly cheap but it's the first time I seen them in this packaging

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  5. Looks like they're just cbd.
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  6. If u ate 4 you should of felt something.. the dude who sold you them probably ate the real edibles then filled the tub back up with normal sweets.
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  7. The label does not mention THC at all, just CBN and CBD. So what is that 500mg supposed to be?
  8. CBD lol you can but CBD edibles/buds they don't get u high though
  9. Yes, that's probably why the OP didn't. :) Many of us medical users put CBD in edibles, usually with varying amount of THC.
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  10. Yoo that 3rd dude is Tuco from BB
  11. Ight i’ve come to the conclusion that im a dumbass. thanks for yalls answers.
  12. Prob cheap crap that u can get off the Internet made out of hemp not cannabis.

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