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Did he just?....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jahhh, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Rookie mistake by this guy that was smoking with us, he was a friend of a friend of a friend, anyways, this guy said he wants to load the bowl with his green, so he cleans out the bowl (to the bong) that we had just started! It was green! Bam and there it went. I was like, 'bro did you just clear a green bowl?' Haha

    He was too high to pack, say or do anything.
  2. Wow hurp durp
  3. Where did he knock it out in?
    Why did it have to go away?
  4. [quote name='"MrBananagrabber"']Where did he knock it out in?
    Why did it have to go away?[/quote]

    We were outside in the dark. He just cleared it in the grass. _._ he didn't see that the bowl was greeen
  5. It's like a...tragedy or somethin' :hide:
  6. I almost started crying just thinking about that wasted weed. :/
  7. did u go back and scoop that bowl after ull left?
  8. Slaps all around.
  9. Shitty mistake but shit happens.
  10. [quote name='"adam1120"']did u go back and scoop that bowl after ull left?[/quote]

    No it was gone. It fell in tall grass. Tear.
  11. my friend has done that before, we were just sitting there packing bowl after bowl and he packed it then held on to it to finish what he was saying and after he was done he hits the bowl on his palm and dumps the weed on the floor and starts packing a new one. and i'm just like "uhhh... hey dumbass you just wasted a whole bowl" and then he looks down at it floor, then looks back at me dead in the eyes and says "...i'm too high to give shits about that" and procedes to repacking the bowl. i just laughed at him lol. it was his nug so no harm no foul.
  12. Well if he packs another fresh bowl I'd forget about it

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