Did FOX News actually do something RIGHT?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Mindcntrlpankak, May 14, 2010.

  1. They have been doing many things right lately.

    this story

    the calling for the swat team to get jail time for the dog incident.

    I recall a few more before that too, I don't recall exactly what but I posted a few stories on a diff. site.

    Go Fox News :)
  2. this story made put me in a much better mood. I don't understand why people my age don't care about politics at all. I wish 18 y/o's would stop being so complacent and learn about the issues, and what there is to know. To see past the bullshit and figure shit out for themselves!

    I'm just a bit frustrated is all...
  3. I wish the same thing as you I'm 20 I'm so interested in politics,the universe and other news kind of stuff but when I start talking about it it sounds like no one gives a fuck we'll I do and you do too fucking immature mother fudgers.....lol
  4. As much as I hate to admit it... yes, they did do something right for a change.
  5. I don't know how you can be a fiscal conservative and not be pissed at the war on drugs.

  6. Drugs are bad mmkay?

  7. Indeed. I suffer this problem myself here. Even after the recent general election it's hard to find someone my age who even understands the electoral and political process never mind wants a conversation about the idealogical and policy differences between parties etc. Blame it on education, we didn't once learn about parliament or politics while I was at school.

    But yeah, if Fox are getting behind it from a fiscal conservative stand point (probably the only way they could approach it without alienating many viewers) then it's certainly a step forward for you guys. This stuff doesn't even get mainstream media coverage here. Sucks.

  8. I know right you would think all these conservatives would be more pissed about how much money we spend.. but then again the conservatives that matter are getting fat off prohibition so yeah.
  9. i know what you meen me and james and the girlfriend are always talking about how our generation is gonna be known for nothing but "crotch eating jeans for guys,our pants around our ankles, and the war in irag)

    im glad thier are more intelligent people out thier paying attention
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    dude i'm totally in your guys's boat, recently I was hit with a trainwreck of "WHAT THE FUCK!?" in reguards to world politics, I won't get into it cause this aint the place, and I got educated with what was goin in the US and the world quick. Most media, after the trainwreck, I feel like I can see through now, and actually dig in and see what's goin on. But i try to educate other people about the importance of their knowledge of what's goin on in their government, and nobody seems to get it... Not even older folk... So... I don't know if the majority of America just doesn't give a fuck, that's sad

    It's odd that Fox, which is targeted by all the other media outlets as "that crazy guy", is actually turning out to be the good guys (in a roundabout way). I may well be considered a conservative now, but whatever...

    "Minor drug offenders fill your prisons you don't even flinch, all our taxes paying for the war against the new non rich..."
  11. nothing to do with the op but i just read a funny but true quote by Winston Churchill, i forget the exact quote but it was along the lines of, you can prove democracy doesn't work by a five minute conversation with the average voter
  12. Do not forget fox news is only loyal to 1 thing it and that is money. As long as it is lucrative and it follows their political agenda they will say anything and then hide behind the guise of the fair and balanced logo. Most likely they only printed the story so they could take another shot at Obama and try to pin another failure to him. So though they say the drug war is a failure that doesn't mean they will be pro legalization when the time comes. It would be nice if they were pro legalization but i doubt this is the case. Especially since studies have shown people that watch fox news are the most ill informed people even more so than people that only watch the fake news from the daily show. So don't give fox props just yet as they will most likely be spouting out lies in a few months when legalization comes to a vote.

  13. At this point, if their for legalization then go with it.
  14. right^^
  15. Meh. I think a lot of the Fox News people who work behind the scene are pro-legalization. Only Hannity, O'Reilly, and a few of the dumb broads seem too against it.
  16. I'd rather my friends be complacent than be a pawn of their parents. I had a roommate that when election time came, his parents called and told him to vote for everyone with a D next to their name.

  17. Yeah...and they're going to use this as a means of saying "well its them dirty mexicans that bring it over, so lets put the wall up, and keep them out, and pass laws similar to Arizona, and that way we won't have drugs in our Christian nation."

    Fuck those bigots.
  18. The more people that hear about this, the better. They need to realize that the drug war is NOT working. They need to understand why having a reasonable amount of pot in a house is not dangerous. They need to hear about the lives ruined - or lost.

  19. That IS pathetic. You should smack that kid upside the head.
    I don't know how people can just accept what they are told without questioning it! I was brought up to just obey, but i eventually figured out that shit was not adding up. It doesn't take a PHD to figure it out.

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