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  1. So i know this dude, and he's the dude that got me into smoking in the firstplace...started me out on some dank northern lights...but anyways...i've been smoking with this guy for a good few years now, and quite frequently,

    but this is the kind of guy that money always comes first..and no one round here really likes him that much, cuz he's a fucking dickhead,

    well he started to sell a while back, and i gotta admit, that this dude had some very very nice ganja...never did know the strains tho....but anyways i started buying off him cuz it was really convenient for me because he lived right down the road....so i was buying from him frequently, but i started to notice that in my sacks...there was a nice bit of added stem...which isn't very nice to do to your friends/costumers,

    so i just dealt with it for a while, because the weed was well worth it, and since im in a small town good herb is kinda hard to come by,

    then one time i went down to get some herb, and he showed my some of his product(his own personal stash), and his brother(who is alot more likable than the dealer is) smoked a joint with me, and i was liking this herb, so we went down to his room so he could weigh up my herb, and i was only buying a 1/8th because money has been tight recently

    and this is where it starts going downhill

    1.i walk in and hes already doing it up on the scales....and hes ripping off the bottom of buds(like 60% stalk) and throwing it up on the scales

    2. the bud is horribly wet

    3. he's trying to rip me off now and i more than well know it, because even wet a 1/8th should not look that small(srsly it looked like 1.5g)

    now since i've been buying/ friends with this dude for a while, i've asked to see the scales b4, and he's been happy to show em to me, and about 90% of the time its been right on the dot....

    now i know you're not supposed to ask to see the scales, but i thought we were good,
    and i've asked b4 and he has no problem with it so i was like:

    me: man, could i see the scales
    him: wadda think im trying to rip you off(which he was)
    me: no, not really, i just wanna have a look at them(lieing, i had no real intention of buying the sac after i seen the bag)

    hes getting pissed off now, and throws the weed on the scales,and didn't even give me a chance to look, and the weed wasen't even on the scales enough to register, and he was like

    him: there see, 3.5(which it wasn't)
    him: now get the fuck outta my house
    Me:waaaa, wtf man
    Him: get the fuck out! before i fucking hit you in the mouth( mind you that this dude isn't very weak)
    Me: jesus ba i just wanted to see em,

    then i started to leave, and he slammed the door, and fuckin screamed he was that pissed at me,

    i was fucking shoked, cuz he went from happy n decent, to pissed off

    i knew very welll that he was trying to fuck me big time,

    but now the problem is i don't have a dealer, but im moving to calgary in a bit and my bro is going to be my dealer, but thats 30 odd days away :O

    i've also gone a week now without any herb, all my pipes and bowls are cleaned

    do you guys think i was out of line for asking on a obviously small small sack, or do you think he was just being a ass?,

    sorry for such a long post
  2. wow what a dickhead. no i dont think you were wrong any customer that asks should be able to see the scale. even though its dealing weed its still dealing, which means the person wants what they are going to pay for. same thing as if someone was buying a product from a store. when you short people, you get a bad name and u end up not making money. hes obviously a douche and it sucks that you dont have another dealer right now but time will go by and ull be smoking again before you know it.
  3. Are you from the UK? Calgary is in the UK right? If so shoot me a pm.

  4. no lol, calgary, alberta,...in canada lol
  5. Nice to see another Newfie on the city.

    Sounds like the guy is a dickhead. Don't let him rip you off, tell him straight up if he wants to keep customers he better start treating them right and giving them the correct counts.

    If he continues to do it, just tell everyone to stop buying from him, then he'll learn his lesson.
  6. wait a while see if he calls, try text him not to lose contact and apoligize mebe?

    he wouldnt like to lose a good costumer, would he?
  7. Since when? I always ask to see it on the scales. Friend or not, that shit needs to weigh and you've got to be sure it does, just don't get upset if he hooked it up a bit and decides to remove that extra bit afterward, it's the risk you take to make sure you get what you're paying for. You were in the right here, that dude needs to get his shit straight.

  8. ya i stopped buying from him, and i guess im the only customer of his that he really rips off.....i guess cuz he thinks ima sucker or something,
  9. Dude when you come down to canada your gunna start getting some pretty sick bud. So its all good. Id hook you up but Im down in Toronto so its kinda far away.
  10. dude the sec he said he will hit me in the mouth, i would beat him with his own fucking scale. that dude is a fucking prick and needs an ass beating now. fuck that dude he is a bitch
  11. hey man, calgary?
    sweet, youll get some good bud there haha

  12. i woulda loved to, but ive seen him fight....and sadly hes a fast and cheap fucker,
    but one of these days he will get whats comming to him, and i'll laugh my ass off at him

  13. yea man, i can't wait,
    my bro lives up there and he will be hooking me up with some dank buds,
    and theres not much bud where i live now, and its hardly ever really good...like now it takes me atleast 2gs to myself to get faded with the normal shit down here, so i can't wait to try some new shit out
  14. so what if he is fast. once a scale comes across his face he wont remember much of what happens after that. lol but he will get what is coming to him soon enough
  15. I think this is a stupid idea. I don't like to ask dealers that aren't my friends also. But when its my friend dealing he would never even bat an eye if I asked to watch him weigh it. Most of the time in the past its done right in front of me.
    It doesn't sound like this dude looks at you as a friend at all.
  16. my brother lives down in calgary as well. and ive only blazed once in calgary, but it was a great time. youll def notice the difference. :) plus calgary in itself is a beautiful city !
  17. dude your best bet is to buy your own scale. and weigh it when they hand you the bag.

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  19. Gee...that just sucks. Just reading that made me sad. If cannabis was just legalized, people wouldn't have to put up with this shit but...

    That's the world.

    I would just go to a good college campus and ask around :p
  20. as civic said i would straigt up whupped him, even if he fights like that. Hell i woulda taken it that time so next time i could bring a blade or something just to show him if he fucks with me anymore and he threatens me he ain't gonna be dealing for awhile. Sorry bout the violent view on this but ripping someone off, getting pissed, and threatening someone just isnt right especially if he was your friend

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