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  1. Does any one know about this drug?
  2. if im correct it is valium right?

    used for anxiety and sleep im rpetty sure,you can get pretty fucked up on it,similiar to xanax since their both benzos
  3. so if they are 2mg pills how many would i have to take? and would i snort em or just take with water?
  4. try this:
    www.erowid.org and look up diazepam(sp?) they will have doses and everything and experiances there you can find out a good dose for you based on other peoples experiances,im not to familiar with valium,im sorry >.<
  5. couldnt find a section telling how much to take
  6. i didnt even know valium came in 2mg pills. the lowest ive ever seen is 5mg. valium isnt nearly as strong as xanax either, with xanax you can get messed up chewin a 2mg, but you have to take alot more of valium. personally i dont really like it cause all it does to me is make me really tired. for your first time id go for somehwere between 15 and 20mg just to see
  7. yea valium is some good shit man... take like 15-20mg and you'll be feeling good. make sure you don't drink too much liquor while on it till you get familar with it though... you can black out real easy and do some stupid shit haha.

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