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Diarrhea is such a buzzkill v2

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pass the dr0, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Here I am again sitting on the toilet feeling like charizard is using fireblast out my asshole. Almost any food I eat with any different spices makes my ass spit out diarrhea like a fucking Gatling gun. I hate when this happens when I'm high, good thing I have teh interwebz on my iPhone :cool:
  2. Yeah, great, we really wanted to know that you're having watery bowel movements.

  3. FUCK diarrhea!!!!! had that shit badddd after the flu a couple weeks ago, shit was making me go insane. FUCK IT.

  4. Timothy! Bring me your sin

  5. Niggha my name ain't no Timothy dawg
  6. Hey OP, what did you eat today?

  7. To many sweet onion kettle chips :cool:
  8. im pretty sure it was a joke dude chill out!
  9. I can't shit when I'm high . Well i can .. but i always push too hard and constipate myself. Then i end up shitting baseball like turds :(

  10. Sorry I forgot this was the Internet, I'm completely kidding, I was saying that in a ghetto voice.
  11. I went hiking in New Mexico for 2 weeks with no flushable toilets and i had diarrhea for 4 of those days. it was horrible

  12. Just chips? Tell me all you've eaten and I can try to tell you what's causing the diarrhea.
  13. self-appointed poop expert here ^
  14. lol hes a fecalmatterist
  15. Scatologist.
  16. I ate pizza, bowl of cereal, apple and a banana...had diarrhea alllll day, why? Last night I had a salad and pizza for dinner... why!??!?!
  17. are you a paper folder or a handful person?

  18. Handful as in like cup my hand and dig it up my ass?
  19. This may be the answer to your problem(s)
    [ame=]D-pants - YouTube[/ame]
  20. like...instead of folding the paper u just take a wad and wipe. i personally am a folder, i find less sticks to my ass that way.

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