diamonds from fresh plants need some help

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  1. Ok guys so I made a post yeaterday about harvesting going straight to bho cause other plants are not done yet so I cant dry it in the tent. well after reading it seems a lot of really good stuff is made from fresh and fresh frozen plants. I think I am going to attempt to make diamonds! so 1 question is after running butane over the product how much should I let evap. before putting it into the jar. people say let most of it evap but most is a very "wide" term...what should the consistency be like? how thick should the liquid be? Second question the diamonds get really stuck to the glass? will they pour right out of the jar? do they need to be lightly "coaxed" with a dabber or something or do they really get stuck to the glass where I will have to do a good amount of scraping? I am curious because this will help me decide what size jars to use obviously a short wide jar would be easier to scrape stuff out of but a bigger jar would allow me to put more material in the jar. THANKS GUYS!!! any tips would really be appreciated!
  2. It’s a tough process
  3. Well still would like more info...but would a different process be suggested to try first all I have done is make shatter ect from dried bud.....want to do something with fresh or fresh frozen so I don't have to dry cure this first plant since its finishing before the others.
  4. Good luck

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  5. Oh ok see your talking about rosin....I dot have a rosin press I am thinking along the way of butane
  6. Cant it be done by letting the butane evap mostly then putting it into mason jar to finish off for a week or 2
  7. yeh that's what I was talking about thank you
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