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  1. Hey all, need a diagnosis if possible. Plants are a couple days into week four from seed. Only water(sat out 36 hours-PhD to 6.8/runoff of 6.5). Sprayed with neem oil mix last week as I thought I saw some white gnats in my tent..but all signs of insect life have succeeded..I think.. Im leaning towards some systemic virus since the first set of true leaves has already yellowed/dried up/crumbled off and am now seeing signs in the next set of fan leaves. Otherwise growing at a normal rate. Topped the other day, recovering rather quickly. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  2. It looks either overwatered or like you got water on the fan leaves and let light directly hit it... If you got the fan leaves wet and let light hit it, it basically ends up boiling the water over time causing the leave to shrivel and burn. I was also possibly thinking it could be a nute burn but that happens more at the tips then spreads where yours isnt doing that.
  3. Hey! First off, Thanks for the quick reponse! But it leaves me rather puzzled, as wouldn't that defeat the purpose of misting? Unless you mean water with nutrient feed, in which in have not yet used. Those pics were from a couple days ago and things have progressed a bit.
    The pics that follow are:
    The first widow, original yellow have fallen discoloration has spread up.(3pics)
    A second widow, what looks like nute burn, unlinked to post(?)(2pics)
    And a bag seed, same age now showing the same sickness as first widow (2pics)

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  4. You can mist but it's better to do it while dark because if any water collects you can form a big enough droplet(s) to cause damage. 
    What is your light source? If your light source is just the sun coming in from the window you are going to be needing more light. Try holding off on watering it for a couple days, cut off any leaves that are infected and if you are using windows as your light source you need to find a better area. 
  5. Once again thanks for the quickness!!
    They're growing under a t5ho right now 4 foot t bulb about 3-4 inches away. Lol bout the windowsill just took em out the tent for natural lighting. I'll hold off on watering for another day or two and I'll chop off any sickly-eavs but they're due for a watering tommorow to be honest cause theyre feeling pretty light right now

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  6. Well okay then. I also forgot to mention the bottom 2 leaves I always forget there name lol will come off naturally and thats nothing to worry about. What has me more worried is the yellow spotting and curling on the leaves(which is why i think the misting or overwatering is causing damage) unless you had an infestation(which I doubt) But keep it up otherwise. I am sure more blades will chime in. :)

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