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Diagnosis Needed. Nute Burn? Excessive Foliar Spray?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MiZZuRKeD, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Yeeooo, :smoke:




    Pictures are from yesterday. Day 25 Veg.

    I'm not sure whats going on with the leaves they feel like all the moisture has been progressively sucked out of them. I was thinking too much foliar spray and maybe I was suffocating them or perhaps burning them. Or nute burn.

    Soil: NK Lawn & Garden Starting Mix "sphagnum peat, horticultural vermiculite, perlite, wetting agent, lime for ph balance"

    Nutes: Fox Farm Trio. Started Out 1 Tsp (1/2 Grow Big 1/2 Big Bloom) per gallon. Then I watered twice. Today I gave them 1/3 Tsp / 600 ML.

    Lights: Right now just using 2 40w Flouros. One is 27k and the other is 65k. I also have fourr 5500k CFLS and two 6500k CFLS which are all clamped ballasts. The 55's are Y'ed together. Totalling 152w. When would you suggest adding them? I've been told only use flouro right now to gain some height.
  2. well a few things i saw off the bat, they look a little over wattered, floros dont dry out the dirt as fast. the burned leaf kinda looks like some water was sitting on it and the light kinda burned through to me. but that should go away. Also, for a grow that small, it really is worth gettin a 150w HPS. their cheap and they use less power, you would be happy if you did. they look great, nice fat green leaves. good job bro.:smoke:
  3. how much heat would this produce? Avg cost for 150w hps?

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