Diabetic Stoners??

Discussion in 'General' started by mariwanna, May 13, 2010.

  1. I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I was just wondering if smoking weed would effect my blood sugar levels or my insulin at all?

    It helps to know there's more of you out there if there are!
    thanks :bongin:
  2. Yo, I've been a type 1 for a couple of years now, and smoking has no real impact on my blood sugar. Sometimes if I take a really big rip, the adrenaline can cause me to go hypoglycemic, and of course just take your insulin for the munchies you eat.
  3. I am on metformin for insulin issues, and mj doesn't seem to affect my blood sugar.
    I looked around online and found this (in several places):
    "...the researchers concluded that marijuana smoking had no significant or consistent effect on blood sugar..."
    Remember that, as the previous poster stated, things like adrenaline and munchies DO have an effect, even if mj doesn't. Just keep your supplies around.
  4. Carry glucose tabs, above everything else.
  5. Random question...how do you get diagnosed? Do you all of a sudden feel weird and go to the doctor and ask for a test to determine whether you are or aren't? Or did you find out after a normal check up or something?

  6. Are you asking the OP? or just asking in general?
  7. I'm asking in general.....to whoever may have the answer. Lol.
  8. well i went in to the hospital for gnarly thirst and frequent urination (high blood sugar symptoms) low blood sugar symptoms are like feeling lathargic and dizzy and weak but if your sugars are low you will know most likely
  9. Really, any sickness can cause it to show itself. People usually find out by getting sick, and than just not getting better, until eventually they have to get tested.
  10. I went in for tests when I started getting crazy sick and tired and dizzy anytime I ate fruit, sweets, or simple carbs.
  11. I don't want to be tested because I'm afraid of what I'll find out.

  12. Yo, do you remember your first blood sugar?
  13. On the test where they make you chug the flat soda? Yeah, it was like 57, spiked to 120 or so, then went to 72, then back down in the 60s, I think.

  14. Me too. Sometimes I feel like I am diabetic and it scares the living shit out of me. I haven't gone to the doctor in years (and now without insurance..no way). I feel lethargic because I have some extra baggage and am a lazy fuck :laughing: But if I do a lil exercise I feel better and am not as lethargic of course. I pee all the time but I also drink water and tea a lot so I assume it is because of that. And dizzy? Nope. I feel dizzy sometimes but not all the time. Man, I need to start taking better of myself. I am seriously scared shit less of being diagnosed with diabetes. A cousin of mine has it and my mom's cousin does.....but that's about it.

  15. I never got that test. I just meant what was it when they tested you. Mine was 347, they said was a miracle to still be walking around, haha.
  16. I didn't get that test, because of the weird soda syrup test. I went in early enough that my insulin hadn't burnt out completely, so it was still in overdrive. I've been on 2000mg metformin for several years now and I've managed to keep it out of the severe range, but still have to watch what I eat or I get blood sugar swings and get sick.
  17. thanks guys i just smoked my first bowl since being in the hospital

    feels like more of a trip... maybe because im controlling my sugars now?

    its fuckin sick either way though!!

  18. Smoke on, bro.

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