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Diabetic Ganja

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by punkyworld, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Sup everyone..

    I recently got a friend of mine to start smoking and my parents are going on vac tue and we were gonna bake some goodness. but i want him to be able to enjoy so i was wondering if anyone had and diabetic mj recipes..
  2. Well im not exactly sure, because if you use the cannabutter recipe that a lot of butter, but if thats ok then use that to mix with anything. Otherwise you could cook some food in olive oil, e.g noodles or fajitas maybe in a pan. If you have hash this works very well, so it shoudl work with finely ground buds. You can look at the recipe sticky thread on the general section for some ideas, theres a lot of recipes on there.
  3. yeah, we were thinking about using the banana bread recipes from that sticky..
  4. You could always make things normally, and just use Splenda instead of sugar. I have that stuff because I have gestational diabetes, and it's great! You can use it for basically anything you would use sugar for, and the measurements are comparable. 1 c. of Splenda = 1 c. of sugar.

    It's a little expensive, but totally safe for diabetics, and it tastes closer to sugar than any other artificial sweetener I've ever tasted.
  5. NO SPLENDA!!! Recently at my Coffeeshop we couldn't get Splenda anymore, the representative told me something that they got shut down (don't know if it's temporary or not) but be careful with Splenda!!

    I'm assuming they are under and investigation or something of that nature
  6. thats crazy, where I work we have carbwatch icecream that is made with splenda..

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