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  1. Sup peepz this is my first post here.
    I thought I'd share with you this lovely lady I had to absolutely whack in veg and continue to stress up untill day 14 of flower.

    The original bruce banner,
    being Rez strawberry diesel x original OG kush.

    And I think most of us by now know to stress test any genetic that has a rez ancestor.
    I don't know how many are as such but the strawb most definitely herms.

    Started with the regular stressors to young plants in modern growing.
    Topped between the 5th and sixth node
    Let every side branch grow, in hindsight I am very glad I did this.

    Because shortly after topping a slug deemed it fit to assist my plant stressing efforts taking 2.5 leaves as sustenance with it.

    About two to three weeks after that I (totally on purpose) snapped one of my mains completely off.
    Her stalk and branches hardened quick, dunno if it's specific to this pheno or banner generally.

    I'd LST fast growth wise but very gently or wait and HST
    Knowing what I do now.
    However it doesn't really matter as she needed to be stressed anyhow.

    However at this point she was so big and vigorous it didn't stop her from needing an LST and shortly after 3 more tops, one on the mains and two side branches.

    I then gave her just not quite enough time to recover untill bringing her inside and putting her in flower.

    Bringing us around to the present D14 of flower
    No herms as of yet and the inside of the of the top had obviously grow crowded with two crumpled leaves wich I removed from all tops.

    Also have a whack mutant "GG" coffeeshop bagseed hermie in the closet under a certain "300w" LED growlight, I positively despise for it's marketed purpose as a beginner LED grow light.
    It's got just the right terps to intrigeu me so I couldn't just

    Update if interested.

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