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  1. Im re-watching all of the season's and Does anyone know why everyone thinks Nicky shot lundy and Debrah?

  2. They discovered he (the killer) was her Dad. :smoke:
  3. -_____-
  4. What an asshole.... completely spoiled it for this guy...
    It's been awhile since I have seen season 4 but if I remember correctly they big case at the Miami metro at that time was the "vacation murderers". Nicki, at that point in the show, was known to be apart of the vacation murders along with that one guy, forget his name. Anyway they just assume it was Nicki because Lundy was there on unofficial business, regarding the trinity killer, they had no real reason to suspect that.
  5. Calm down and watch the name calling.
    Did you miss this part?    "Im re-watching all of the season's"
    Once they figured out it was her Dad, it led to suspicions of her. :smoke:
  6. Sorry didn't mean to offend, especially since im in the wrong here haha. Was too high this morning lol and after reading your post I forgot nicky was the name of the daughter. I was thinking about when they initially pinned the murder on the vacation murderers.
  7. She arrived at the crime scene too quickly after the shooting was called in.  Deb figured it out.
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    Deb knew it was Nikki because Nikki knew specifics about the shooting that no one else besides deb knew. Ex. "How did it feel looking into your lovers eyes and watching him die?" Or something to that extent.
  9. What pissed me off is that Dexter killed Trinity, Trinity killed his wife, but never said anything about it to dexter before he died.....disappointing
  10. Like the guy said up there. 
    She was like 15min from the crime scene at 4am when she lived like a hour away. Deb's always smart enough to catch onto it.
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    Ya and they realized the shooter was short.

    Best season btw.
    Trinity did hint at it, he just didn't say directly.  Something like " This is all already over, Dexter" while he was lying on the table, Dexter didn't register it.
    Trinity was creepy as fuck.

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