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dex dex trippin!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phunkyphil, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. ill be tripping on the wonderful drug dxm tonight.. probably like a gram of base, but i might up the dosage to 1.5 if im feeling crazy ;) even though i wont be very baked during the peak this time, thisll still probably be one of the most intense trips of my life, so look for some semicoherent rants as the drug starts to take hold of me and takes me to wacky land :smoking:

    i have a feeling this is gonna be one strange, strange night
  2. sweeeet.. looking forward to it!! ;) go on with yea crazzzzzz-E self......
  3. yesee, im right out and tripping nads now.. injestion was at like 10:45, and the caps (finally bought some gelcaps) took 1h to disolve. fuck, why does typing on dxm make me nausious? im always nausious when i try to type while tripping.. fuck. anyway, so its probably like 30 mins in, and i took somewhere between 850-1000mg.. aiming for a higher plateau, and perhaps ill even see some crazy shiznit.. i call them mind movies.. in high enough doses, dxm allows you to view and control movies inside of your head.. well, sometimes anyway. wouldnt it be sweet if instead of going to the movies, people just went to the movie theatre and tripped out. there wouldnt be any screen or anything, just this big movie theatre room, and people would just do massive doses of dex and watch their own movies ;) but yeah, im starting to feel more detatched from reality now.. im not really sure how much the bowl i smoked at 11 is doing, but i feel like im in a dream.. things have that sort of bizarre, detatched feeling, but in real life.. now i feel like my entire body is yawning, and it jus' don' stop! word. but yeah, im tripping now, and im having fun, and it looks like i did get a rant together after all.. ranting is fun on the DEX... it almost has that speedy euphoria.. you know, where you feel like a god.. the star of some flashy high budget movie.. every action is beautiful and suave, and words just roll off of the tongue in an endless stream of.. uhh.. words. poorly defined edges dissapear into the darkness of my room, and my visual sensorum starts to lose all coherence and meaning..

    ..and the trip is just getting started.
  4. ..damn. thats all i can say.

    im tripping too hard to type

    the effects of half an hour ago, tenfold

    scratchy scratchy scratchy my head is itchy.. they call it the robo-itch

    tracers everywhere, of course.. intense cevs.. this is near the point at which i cannot interact with humanity in any sensible way. fucking nausia.. thats the one thing ruining it.. ive got this huge ass bodyload :(

    ignore bodyload..

  5. if you closed your eyes and saw a person with a log of shit for a head being painted in a classical jpanese style, would you think it was cool? because that just happened to me..

    i puked my fuckin guts up, so im not as nausious anymore

    ahhhh im gonna stoip trying to type right here

    remember kids, dont interact with civilization while under the influence of high doses of DXM. you may get arrested

  6. how can i get the base instead of drinkin the syrup? i cant even smell cough syrup w/o gagging anymore...

    this is the procedure i used.. i always just evaporate the naptha, but if you do this you have to have something acidic in your stomach when dosing or else youll just puke it back up.. i usually drink some oj or take a shot of lemon juice
  8. thanks, much appreciated
  9. what's DXM?
  10. a drug.. related to K..

    man that night was messed up and shit.. the peak was a full hour or 2 of god knows what, with maybe 3 brief moments where i was actually aware that i even existed.. never mind where and what i was, or that i had taken any sort of drug.. before that, i was totally fucking hallucinating, my vision was double, and my eyes were tilting on different angles.. when i looked at a line, i saw a blurry X covered in patterns, through tunnel vision.. THAT is why i didnt want to type.. ;) on a gram of that shit doing anything at all is completely gruelling because of how messed up your vision and hand/eye coordination are.. its like when you have a dream where you have to do something, but you suddenly get really slow or you cant see well.. sort of annoying actually, and on top of the fucking insane bodyload i can really see how people can feel that theyre dying or dead on dxm.. i kind of expected just to act relatively normal and be on my comp and listen to some music, but you cant really do that at all on a huge dose.. in fact, you cant really do much of anything besides lie down.. its all about setting and preperation.. if something requires anything more than pushing a button or isnt in arms reach, just forget it :smoking:

  11. man i remember the 1st time i did it, the peak was like 4 hours, and i only had like 700 mg .
  12. thanks 4 the adress helped a lot i spent like 4 hours readin like 30 pages of info

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