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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bigstickybuds81, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Hey guys:mad:

    i have a problem, i gave my girls a nice watering this morning and i went to work, when i came back about 9 hours later my 1 1/2 ft girl got completly eaten, and i mean the whole damn thing, the only thing that was left was the bottom part of the stem, whatever this was even ate the branches..
    whatever did this killed my 2 week old plant and my other girl got part of her fan leaves chewed on, what the hell kind of bugs can do this in a matter of 8-9 hours.

    i do have a dog but my room stays locked and closed. i even checked thoroghly on all fan leaves no bugs.. i did see 1 or 2 gnats. but gnats cant eat an almost 2 ft plant.. i am so confused. i am totally speechless i dont know what could have happened.

    I guess these are one of those unexplained things *sigh*:confused:
  2. you never metioned if your growing outside, then it's rabbits, deer, small rodents etc. no slugs could do that much damage, but indoors, yes truly unexplainable. hair and piss keeps rodents away.
  3. yea im growing inside, i found out my mom ended up leaving my door open a few hours as she was on my internet, so my dog ended up being the culprit, what a little shit:mad:
    oh well shit happens i guess :rolleyes:

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