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Developing Web Site To Help Patients Find Caregivers

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Johnux, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Hello all my name is John. I am currently developing a Website to help medical marijuana patients and caregivers find each other. The government doesn't help patients get their medicin so I will. I am creating a web site allowing patients from all legal states to find legal caregivers.

    This site will allow reviews based on comfort and quality from patients. I am hoping this will make it easy for patients to locate where to get their medicin within a reasonable distance from their house.

    I would also like some input from the community though. Any Ideas for the site design or name? Or any features you would like to see on the site?
  2. I think your idea is great! When I fist became a cardholder it was impossible for me to start a grow. Although I had a lot of friends who were cardholders or had cannabis none was able to help me grow my medicine. Now that we are up and running again I feel very lucky to have the ability to grow my own. If only I had been able to use a tool like the website you are going to create. From the perspective of the consumer I definitely think the name should include some portions of what a patient my plug into a search engine like, or or medcardholderconnect Good luck :wave:
  3. Bamboo Bear, weedmaps isn't really the kind of site im trying to make. Weed Maps gives it more of a drug name rather than a medical name. But thanks for letting me know there are other sites out there

    I would like something a little similare to craigslist but a little more eye catching and thanks for the input Cherryslider very appreciated :)

  4. I have been doing this a while in Oregon. You face many problems. The big one being dishonest people. I validate members of my site who want private access to communicate with other patients and growers. I also did this for other states, but it became a problem with the different forms and paperwork required.

    Good idea and good luck in your work.

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    GOOD LUCK in your pursuits. :hello:

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