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Developing My Stash Box 2.0!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SuperPhreak, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I'm working on my stash box, version 2.0! This is in anticipation of my new spoon getting here ;p. My question is, what should I include in this box?

    So far I will include:

    Lighter Fluid
    Second Pipe
    Mason Jar of Herb
    Air freshener
    Bobby Pins *these things are fucking great for dumping ash*
    Munchies?? *what should I include???*
  2. Dont use zippos, they burn like fuck cause of the lighter fluid, trust me, as for food just get goldfish, and your favorite lays chips, nothing too perishable though, lots of soda, eyedrops.

  3. Haha dude, if you get the primo fluid in black can you can't taste it. Don't buy that shitty ronsonol stuff and it is no worse than a bic.
  4. First, get rid of the zippo, those things let out lots of gas and its not good to be inhaling lots of it, especially if you use it for bong/pipe hits. Keep the bic, there needed and get some hemp wick wrap it around the lighter for cleaner hits.

    Get a torch lighter as-well, the ones that are wind resistant, those things are pretty good if your outside smoking a bowl.

    Also some blunt wraps, some papers, multiple of each if possible with different flavors. Possibly a rolling machine if your not good at rolling (these things create perfectly tight joints).

    Grinder, everyone needs a grinder especially if your smoking out of a pipe, ideally a aluminium 4 piece grinder, but any will do.

    Scales for weighing out bud, at first I thought this stash box was little, but after you mentioned air freshener and a mason jar and munchies, i'm guessing its pretty big, big enough to fit multiple things other than the bare essentials in.

    So incesnse candles, these are great for covering up smell of weed, plus they make your room/house smell nicer even if you haven't just taken a few bong rips.

    A Bong, you never mentioned if you own one, but a nice glass tube is also a handy and great to add to your collection.

    Oh and a vaporizer, either a little mini pocket one, or a full sized one depending on how big this box is and how big your budget is.

    Hope I helped.
  5. It is the size of an ammo case. haha however I have two of them. As for the Zippo, I respectfully disagree and will be keeping it. If you use the right fluid, It tastes NO different. It also has sentimental attachment sooo it stays. As for papers, of course how did I forget! Had a bong, it... died.. Incense are in the future, I actually have been looking for a new cool holder for them. Grinder for me usually is shotglass and scissors.
  6. Yeah, zippos are fine if you use the right fluid, but still unhealthy, but you can use it to light joints, i jus dont like how hard it is to smoke with it,

  7. Pipe insert ftw. Just mail a reg zippo in with a note to switch it to pipe and they do it for free.
  8. Def get a grinder, 4 piece all metal sharpstone on ebay/amazon for $30

  9. Amazon's gotem for $5. it'll take awhile on shipping usually from China
  10. yea but the quality on those blow

    A sharpstone is cheap but will still last you 5+ years

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