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Detox help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AthenaH30, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Good morning all!
    New here, so I am probably duplicating apost. If so, please direct me. :)

    I am a 44 year old female, 204#, 5'6"
    Fairly sedentary, as I work at home at a desk job

    I'm looking for another job, and know that testing is coming.
    No solid date yet, as I''ve just started looking but need help
    I am 5 weeks out from stopping. I ordered thc test kits from amazon. I tested yesterday, and am still flagging positive. I know the biggest factor in detox is time, but can anyone give me any tips for speeding the process up?
  2. Should also probably note daily smoker for over 5 years...
  3. The good news is that you have a job until you eventually clear. Be patient, none of the info regarding drug testing is certain, no one can tell you by doing X you'll cut your wait time by 30%. Try a ketogenic diet, that sounds like it would help mobilize your stored metabolites and it would fit into your lifestyle. If it helps report back and tell us how you know it helped.
  4. Thank you. :)
    Starting some metabolism boosters, detox tea.
    Will reply with updates. :)
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  5. THC is stored in body fat so start there. I would definitely recommend sweating. That could be from taking long walks or jogs, hitting the gym or working out at home. The less fat that you have the less of an opportunity for THC to sit and hide.

    As you have already stated, detox drinks are great, but I would also incorporate cranberry juice and water into your daily routine as well. Avoid fatty foods , greasy foods, soda's etc. All of that stuff works against you as you are trying to get rid of fat and THC.

    For someone who has smoked daily for five years with little to no exercise previously, be prepared to test dirty for as many as 90 days. It could be anywhere in that 30-90 day range. There are a lot of variables. You could get clean in as early as 60 days if you incorporate some or most of the info above. If you are pressed for time because you did find a new job, things like Certo and Mega Clean can help bridge the gap and mask the THC in your system for a short time.
  6. Sweating does absolutely nothing in ridding yourself of THC-COOH.

    •Sweat is water NOT fat.
    •Hydrating and drinking cranberry juice DOES NOT rid yourself of THC-COOH. Yes, you’ll pee more but that does nothing. Peeing a lot DOES NOT help. This is “dilution” and only good day of test.
    • Working out DOESNT burn fat. Fat is burned when your body is in a caloric deficit. Burn more calories that you eat and your body will be in caloric deficit.
    • When your body does not have enough energy source to fuel your activity it will turn to your “fat storage” into its fuel source. THIS IS WHERE FAT GETS BURNED AT THE HIGHEST RATE.

    BITTOM LINE: intermittent fasting is a great way to kick start fat loss. Eat only in a 6-8 window. Easier than it sounds.

    Example: skip breakfast. Eat all meals between noon and 7:00 pm. NOTHING BESIDE WATER BEFORE OR AFTER.

    Keep your meals healthy and fresh. No crap.
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  7. #7 TayeMega, Oct 15, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
    I'm not sure if you realize it, but you are only strengthening my points. I used the term "Sweating" as a means of working out and being active to quickly burn calories and promote weight loss. Sure you can sit on your ass and let your body do it naturally by trimming what you eat, but that's a long process. Working out expedites that process.

    How does your body get into a caloric deficit quickly? By working out.
    How do you burn more calories quickly? By working out.
    How do you get more fat loss: Eat less, eat more calculated, eat more healthy.... work out more

    I never said that water and cranberry juice will flush THC out of your levels. Water, cranberry juice and teas are a better alternative than soda and continually help flush your system of of other toxins which help give your more energy to guess out.....which ultimately will help you to burn calories and guess what....lose weight.

    It's not rocket science.
  8. Regarding cranberry absolutely helps gets rid of certain drugs faster than drinking water, I can't name those drugs here because of the house rules but THC isn't one of those drugs. There isn't any more reason to drink cranberry juice than to drink water other than for it's taste, vitamins, and calories if THC is the only drug you're concerned with. Regarding detox teas....drink them if you like them, they won't help you clean up faster, though. The reason I suggested a ketogenic diet for the OP is because during ketosis the body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates and our bodies reach into our fat stores for energy. There's a faster rate of turnover in our fat reserves with that kind of diet and I think it's an easier diet for those of us who have a hard time trying to starve ourselves into losing weight like normal dieting. But I can't say it absolutely has an advantage because none of these things have been studied. Exercising is great if that's what you like to do, I'm sure it helps.
  9. Exercise is a must. However, hitting the gym and sweating your ass off will do nothing towards shedding fat if you are not eating less calories than you burn. You’re right it is not rocket science but you seem to not get it. Many many guys hit gym, sweat, lift, etc. yet walk around with 20% body fat.

    •Will you get stronger? Yes
    •Will you get your muscles in better shape? Yes.
    •Will working out HARD put you in a caloric deficit? NO. In fact, beast mode workouts can cause extreme appetite and result in more calories being consumed. Great for mass gains. Bad for affecting THC-COOH loss.

    It’s not quite as simple as just eating less though. It’s very much has to do with timing. For fastest fat loss, your body must be forced into tapping into your fat storage. This is only done by not allowing your body to have other available fuel sources for a majority of your day. This is where “Intermittent Fasting” comes in. By only eating in a 6-8 hour window you get the best of both worlds. Your body is forced to use stored fat to do daily activities+ workout and at the same time can get all the calories and protein it needs to sustain muscle mass and even add muscle mass during your eating window. Tried and true by many many athletes and myself.
  10. It took me 3 months to pee clean. I did have to do the intermittent fasting and cut out all carbs. When you cut out all carbs, your body has to burn fat for energy.

    I was testing postive with pretty high numbers at 60 days. I started the fasting and cutting carbs and peed clean 4 weeks later.
  11. Thanx all. :)
    I've gotten back into the gym.
    I'll admit carbs added my downfall. Looking into keto diet.
  12. Wahoo!!! Negative flag this morning!!!
    About 7 weeks out!
    I've done thermo burn, started niacin at bedtime, twice a week workouts. And lots of cranberry juice.

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  13. Everyday smoker, 2 - 5 joints/ day, for 45 years! I've got 60 days, but I suspect I'll be dirty for a friggin' year, if not life! Soon to be EX wife found a boyfriend, I threatened him, and now it's PROBATION. I'd laugh if it was funny, but it's not! ANY suggestions would be appreciated. 60 years old. Peace comrades.
  14. Don't threaten your wife's boyfriend, you should thank him instead. You probably will when the hurt fades.
  15. You are so right. No more threats. It's time for action, LOL! Neither he nor she is worth it. I'm just hoping for karma to deal them a severe blow. I don't care what they do. But I can't grow with my ex pissed. Ex's are the #1 route to BUSTED! Peace, Phezisica

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